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Paid about $8000 with trailer and several options.
This boat tows and launches easily.
Last summer was my first time sailing this boat (have sailed a variety of other daysailors in the past). I found it to be spacious and comfortable. I really like the high boom so I don't have to duck and the centerboard trunk does not intrude into the cockpit so there is nothing in the way for crew when shifting sides of the boat.
It has lots of storage room up front under the canvas cover. I would have prefered having a solid deck rather than the canvas so it would be possible to stand up there if need be. As it is, if I need to go up to the bow, I have to unsnap the canvas and move everything out of the way. I suppose the advantage is that nothing is going to get lost up front.
The boat sails in a whisper of wind. Continuing to move in spite of water that looks like glass and not so much as a hint of a breeze evident. All of last summer (4-6 hours of sailing a week), I only had two times when I did not have enough wind to keep moving.
This boat is wonderful to sail with about 7-10 knots of wind. My wife lays out on one bench, I lay back on the other with a hand on the tiller and just glide along on a close reach at about 5-6 knots.
By the time the lake is covered with whitecaps (15+ knots ??), I have to furll the jib and be on my toes with the main, spilling air if need be - unless I have an adventurous crew willing to hike out with me and take it to the edge.
I reefed the main twice last summer, but let it out once on the lake when I found conditions were not as extreme as they looked.
I have never felt in danger of capsizing when on a close or beam reach, but did have boat almost capsize once during an accidental gybe when on a broad reach, with a sudden gust. The boat spun what felt like 360 degrees with water coming over the side, but then settled right down. It was over in about 2 seconds (exciting-a bit too much so for one of the two crew aboard). I have heard of others who have capsized the 170 and said it was next to impossible to right once it turtles - but fortunately have not had this experience.
We just bought a 2.5 hp motor to make it easier to get under way from the dock and for the rare times when the wind dies completely. I am eager to see how it works.
My dealings with Hunter have been fairly positive. They have been a bit slow answering emails sometimes, but handled the problems quickly once we connected.
I would highly recommend this boat for its price range. My only thought is that having bigger boat with a cuddy (such as on the 216) would be nice for a porta-potty. Then my wife and I could stay out all day!

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