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Weather helm was a major issue on mine, so I raked the rig forward a few inches (took 1.5 inches off the backstay and 1.5" onto the forestay) and it is now very well balanced. The hull thickness is minimal, I installed a depth sounder and at one of the thickest parts of the hull just forward of the keel it was less than 3/4" thick, and just under the rail it is less than 1/4" thick, maybe 3/16". Shoal draft keel is nice but doesn't point well at all, however stability is not compromised because of the 50% ballast to displacement ratio. Toe rail outboard jib sheeting doesn't help pointing either. The stays, an upper and two lowers per side, are outboard on the rail, so sheeting is limited in this way especially. However once sails are balanced the boat does sail very well, and will usually sail at 6 knots if there is any kind of decent breeze up. She handles waves very well and definitely does surf, and is a pretty rugged boat despite its rather low quality construction. With a double reefed main and a 50% jib I regularly sail her in up to 28 knots wind, and generally up to 4' waves are no problem at all. Leading lines aft is almost impossible due to the size and design of the companionway hatch unfortunately.

Very common problems with the boat are old leaky ports which must be replaced with either lexan or expensive new ports, and which rot the ply core of the coachhouse sides (top of coachhouse is very thick foam, good stuff). Other problem is the lower rudder bearing, which is fiberglass and gets worn down over time. I measured 1/16" of play on mine, which was enough to make the tiller hand feel a "click" on every steering change, an annoying tendency and also one that made steering downwind in swells a bit difficult. This was a 3 hour fix however using the west system rudder bearing repair method, essentially injecting a thin layer of graphite impregnated epoxy into the bearing. Worked like a charm.

Overnighting is very comfy for two, plenty of space though def no standing room. My gf is 5'6 and can just stand under the companionway hatch, which is hollow, but not under the rest of the boat. With the hatch open cooking is very easy. The private head is another nice feature as well, and feels less cramped than the head on my father's C&C 32.

Towing would be difficult, and raising and lowering the mast is def a 2-3 man job. Overall the boat is a great weekender and I wouldn't hesitate to go out for weeks at a time in it. It is very well designed if you are a casual sailor, however it is limited performance wise in that it lacks the ability to really tweak the running rigging set up. A sea hood and dodger would be awkward at best, impossible at worst, to install properly on this boat due to the companionway hatch design, which is difficult to open and close after a while (I took out the hatch and coated in epoxy/graphite, which helped alot).

Overall this is a very well sailing boat, and Cherubini has a good reputation for a reason. It is the most boat for the price for sure, as anything much bigger would move you into 5 digit territory and a nice hunter 25 can be picked up for under 5K.

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