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I briefly owned a very well built glen-l 25, which, despite it's sturdyness, I never enjoyed sailing. Ghosting along with next to no wind, it did decently. As soon as there was any wind I was forced to reef excessively, or sail along with not only the lee rail dipping under, but often the cockpit coaming as well. Upwind, it didn't have enough ballast to counter the sail area necessary to make decent speed, so you could either slowly sail, under control, and heavily reefed, or try and counter the fierce weather helm of heeling right over and actually hitting hull speeds. Frequently in all conditions it missed stays (got caught in irons while tacking), and in even very moderate waves it would bury it's bow. In my case the massive cockpit lockers were poorly sealed, and so when heeled over water could flow over the cockpit coaming (and did), and then leak inside, where, due to the extremely angles of heel, it would soak everything up to the gunwales. Also my boat had a outboard mounted on the transom (rather than the original inboard saildrive), and that did not work at all well in any kind of swell, since it would cavitate incredibly often. There are so many better boats available that I can't recommend this boat, even as a shoal draught trailer sailor. Something with more ballast, and a less intrusive centerboard (or a fixed keel) would surely be more seaworthy and just a better boat to own. If you're buying it because it's a lot of boat for the money, please reconsider and buy a better, if slightly smaller boat, and actually enjoy sailing.

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