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Last Review Posted by Lazerbrains - posted: Wed August 10, 2016 9:41am [ Post a Review

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Tough little pocket cruiser with stout build quality. I have sailed mine offshore in rough weather (force 7 and 15' swell) and the B24 handled those conditions easily and felt very safe. She does not pound when going to weather, but slips through the waves with an easy motion. With the 50% ballast and full keel she tracks like on rails, and if you balance the sails, she will sail herself. She goes a bit faster than the specs would suggest, as the waterline increases when heeled - I regularly sail well over 6kts speed. Engine in the well makes for easy maneuvering in and out of a slip, and keeps motor from cavitating. All the berths including the v-berth are longer than 6' a rarity in a boat this size, and standing headroom as well. Encapsulated ballast means no keel bolts to worry about. Compared to the Cape Dory 25d I used to own, the B24 is a much better sailing boat, and more balanced. Set up with a roller furler, self-tailing winches and an autopilot, the B24 is an ideal singlehanded offshore boat - easy to sail, and will get you there safely.

Rating: 10
Product Details: "24" by Administrator - posted: Mon May 12, 1997 - Rating: ********** 9.50

Last Review Posted by mustangxr - posted: Tue May 17, 2016 8:14pm [ Post a Review

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We have just come aboard this Crown 34 as partners in the boat. As an aviator in my previous life, I know a little about preventative maintenance, and my main focus has been on getting this Crown back into shape. Structurally the boat is sound, but the decades of electrical and plumbing folly/neglect have caught up. Like a lot of old boats, the lack of Logbooks and records is a common disease, with not even an operating hour meter on the engine. So my focus is to get back to ground zero and establish standards and records for all systems. We have just done the bottom, and proved that she is fast in light air. Like when every other sailboat has doused sails and is headed for the barn, this Crown takes off and sail up to 7.1 knots in just a light riffle on the water. Never less than 4.5 knots on glassy water. The very rounded hull form creates an initial tenderness that fills out the sails very nicely until she starts making her own wind. With a good 12 knots on the beam, she lays over but stiffens up to between 15 and 20 degrees, Oh, and takes off! The autopilot makes it quite possible to single hand the boat quite handily. I would like to stop this review here but revisit in the future when I have had more experience with her.

Rating: 8
Product Details: "34" by Administrator - posted: Mon May 12, 1997 - Rating: ******** 8.00

Last Review Posted by Akopac - posted: Sun January 17, 2016 12:18pm [ Post a Review

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Our West Indies 38 is fantastic. We maintain the steel frames under the sole with a zinc primer paint brushed on. Works great. We have a combination hard/soft dodger and when every body else arrives at a destination after extended long passages of a 1-8 weeks we arrive dry and they are , well soggy,... Cockpit is high and dry. Ours' is the ketch version and wouldn't have it any other way. We added a AutoHelm wind vane and it works awesome. Also use a Danny Green Camilian nesting dinghy and fits perfect on bow even with stay sail.

Rating: 10
Product Details: "West Indies 38" by Administrator - posted: Mon May 12, 1997 - Rating: ********** 10.00

Last Review Posted by centerline - posted: Fri January 8, 2016 10:11pm [ Post a Review

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all the cal boats were designed with a lot of forethought, and were constructed in a way that left little to cause problems as the boats aged. some (very few) of the early 2-34's still had the transverse steel beam between the liner and the hull to take the compression load of the mast, but this was redesigned without the beam on all later models. I have done a lot of research on the three different models of the Cal 34, the differences of each, and also Bill Lapworth the designer.... it is too much to list in the space provided here but if anyone is interested, feel free to PM me, or direct email me at centerline@rocketmail.com, and I will forward it to you...
Product Details: "34 II" by Administrator - posted: Mon May 12, 1997 - Rating: ********* 9.00

Last Review Posted by IStream - posted: Fri January 8, 2016 11:28am [ Post a Review

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With a long 44' waterline, lots of sail area, 40,000+ lbs of loaded displacement, and all the tankage and engine below the floorboards, this boat is a real sled that will go fast without drama even in light air and heavy chop. Compared to the rest of the Catalina line, build quality is a step up with thick glass, a stout hull to deck joint, double 3/4" plywood deck core, Goiot Tradition hatches, perforated aluminum toerails, stout deck cleats fore/aft/mid, and a semi-balanced skeg-hung rudder. The forces are large on this boat so for shorthanded sailing you'll want a good autopilot, battcars if slab-reefed, large ball bearing turning blocks everywhere, an electric halyard winch, and low-stretch halyards to make it all manageable. A bow thruster is also a good idea, as is a stout windlass. With all the above, it can be readily sailed by one and docked by two. If equipped with a Yanmar 4 cylinder turbo or similar-sized engine, be prepared for some pain when working on it. Access to the sides and bottom of the engine is poor. Smaller, normally aspirated engines are a better fit and 75 hp is plenty. Down below, in the four cabin charter configuration stowage is barely adequate. In the three cabin configuration, the owner's cabin forward is a palace. The center galley in the four cabin config is luxuriously large but still secure in a seaway thanks to its wraparound layout. The salon is very spacious and comfortable. Outside, the cockpit is also very spacious, especially if you replace the stock centerline folding table with a pedestal-mounted drop down snack table. The swim step is functional for getting on and off the boat but isn't big enough for more than one person at a time. The deck is ~52" above the waterline, not so high that getting aboard or off is too difficult but it does require some care. Having owned this boat for three years, including one year living aboard (family of 5 + dog), I'm quite pleased with it. This model in good condition can be had for $150K or less in the US at the time of this writing (2016), comparable to a clean Catalina 42 MkII. Assuming the size isn't a hindrance, I'd take the 50 in a heartbeat.

Rating: 8
Product Details: "50" by Administrator - posted: Mon May 12, 1997 - Rating: ******** 8.00

Last Review Posted by jackdaw - posted: Fri January 8, 2016 7:14am [ Post a Review

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Great boat. My full review on my Blog. http://messingaboutintheboat.blogspot.com/p/about-beneteau-first-235.html

Rating: 8
Product Details: "235" by Administrator - posted: Mon May 12, 1997 - Rating: ********* 8.67

Last Review Posted by centerline - posted: Fri January 1, 2016 6:55pm [ Post a Review

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the boat with its swing keel can allow a person to get off a grounding without help. it is quickly rigged and derigged, light and easily trailered... we used ours for multi day getaways, but the only real downside to the boat is due to the portapotty use, bur specifically because there is no privacy except by everyone exiting to the cockpit so someone could close themselves in to use the potty... we enjoyed our 21 a lot, but upgraded to a 25 only because of the lack of a private head area... but on a small boat this is common. for anyone wanting to learn how to sail, and wanting to buy a boat to do it on, I highly recommend the mac 21, as it will take you there and back... and when you get ready to upgrade to a larger boat, you can always get your money back out of it... if you have taken care of it. BEWARE... some early 21's had an encapsulated steel keel.. the fiberglass cap can allow moisture in to the steel and the resulting rust will swell and crack the fiberglass more... it can swell enough to get very tight in the keel trunk. it can become a very UN-hydrodynamic foil... this can be a problem. the LATER BOATS all had bare cast iron keels, which is much better and trouble free because cast iron does not rust as bad/quickly as steel does...

Rating: 10
Product Details: "21" by Administrator - posted: Mon May 12, 1997 - Rating: ********** 10.00

Last Review Posted by centerline - posted: Fri January 1, 2016 6:27pm [ Post a Review

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the weight of the boat vs the size makes it a great option for those that like to travel. with the addition of a nice stern ladder, it can be used as a travel trailer while in transit to faraway places. both the 25 (ballasted swing keel) and the early water ballasted 26's share the same hull shape, and although there are some accommodation differences, they both sail nearly the same. the retractable keel/centerboard is a big plus when sailing in areas that may be shallow, OR when you want to retract it so you can beach the boat. the 25 with its weighted keel is a bit stiffer, but as the boats heels, the water ballast boats have a bit more righting capability. but in my opinion the 25 rides better due to the weight being farther away from the center of gravity. the single biggest advantage of the 25 over the 26 is the cockpit and footwell.... the 26 with its queen berth below the cockpit, has a bit higher cockpit settees and a shallow footwell, whereas the 25 has an inch or two more back support at the coaming, plus the foot well is much deeper... this equates to much more comfort for people who may be older or have back issues... the shallow footwell of the 26, without good back support is too much like sitting on the floor, to be comfortable to me.... but the queen berth in the 26 is nice also, but we cant have both. they are not an offshore boat, but will safely take a surprising amount of abuse from wind and waves when needed... with a few modifications the boats can be made very comfortable, but for the price and purpose, they cant be beat.

Rating: 10
Product Details: "25" by Administrator - posted: Mon May 12, 1997 - Rating: ********** 10.00

Last Review Posted by centerline - posted: Fri January 1, 2016 5:28pm [ Post a Review

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the cal 34-III was refined from an earlier version, and was intended to be a strong boat built for ocean cruising... it surpassed expectations and was sold as a bluewater cruiser.... it is a nice comfortable boat, with some boats being much nicer than others, depending on how the owners took care of them and outfitted them.... I have attempted to post here what I know of the Cal 34-III... and all the differences it has from the I and II versions, but for some reason, it will not hold all of the information I have.... If you have an interest in any version of the Cal 34, and especially the 34-III, PM me and I will forward it to you. I know of no other place to post this information on this or any other site.... you may also contact me at centerline@rocketmail.com after doing research on many boats when looking to purchase a larger one, I was lucky enough to find a 34-III that was very well outfitted, inside and out, but had been neglected for a few years.... I bought it, and after making a few repairs to the plumbing and rigging, and some cosmetic improvements, it is now a very nice boat. it is fully finished out with mahogany, with shelves and storage in the vberth and enclosed shelving/storage on both sides of the salon area. we have storage for dishes over the galley and LOTS of additional storage in the head area.... all finished out in mahogany. all the Cal boats sail well and are reasonably fast.... when looking for an affordable ocean cruiser, it could be advantageous for you to compare a 34-III with any other boat in your price range, when deciding which boat is the best for your needs.

Rating: 8
Product Details: "34 MkIII" by Administrator - posted: Mon May 12, 1997 - Rating: ********* 8.50

Last Review Posted by john walsh - posted: Wed December 16, 2015 7:31am [ Post a Review

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Would you take the San Juan 34 offshore and feel confident
Product Details: "34" by Administrator - posted: Mon May 12, 1997 - Rating: ********* 9.00

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