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Queen For A Day - Free 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis
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679 Tue January 15, 2013
Looking for: Queen For A Day - Free 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis

My apologies in advance for the non-cruisers in the list, as this probably

doesn't apply to you - though, you could make recommendations for the

non-cruiser category if I fail in that regard...

Those of you of a certain age may recall a TV soap-opera-type show titled

Queen for a Day.

They'd have 4 women come in each time, and of the ones presented per show,

have the audience choose the one with the most compelling sob story. The

winner was feted with a throne, a robe and a crown for the show and got

loads of freebies in the bargain. Runners-up got lesser gifts.

So, while this isn't that at all, the concept is the same. To the greater

need, the gift...

Long time readers of my ramblings know that we gave away our van at the end

of our initial refit 6 years ago, immediately had a wreck, found a gifted

Suburban where we had our wreck, and then, after our rehab, passed it along

to another cruiser in similar circumstances - an extended refit from having

been afloat, with no home or vehicle, and needing transportation.

This one doesn't have the same utility as our prior giveaways, not being a

truck or variant, but it still holds a lot, and does a great job of parts

running and other transportation-dependent chores.

We bought this, and have kept it maintained since then, in the expectation

that we'd find a cheap car less expensive than renting for what we thought

was going to be 6 weeks before we left again. Life intruded, and we are

just now finishing a nearly-2-year refit surrounding about 8 months of

family visits over that time, so it's served us very well.

We bought it with 268,000 miles on it, and have just turned over 295,000. I

expect that it has another one or two hundred thousand miles in it, despite

my wife's expecting it to die literally every day since we bought it. Along

the way, we've done maintenance, receipts kept along with significant ones

from the original owner, among which is new moving parts in all the front

suspension, and an alignment at the same time recently. It has good rubber

and brakes all around, and icy air, as the one-owner we bought it from had

just had it all replaced the previous summer. It had, and still has, a

check-engine light which has not had ill effects other than, currently, the

need to slightly rev the engine before getting under way, else it stalls.

Once you've driven it for a few minutes, it stays running without attention.

The spare has a bent rim, cause unknown, discovered on the last

lube-oil-filter-rotate-balance so replacing that with a junkyard item and

tire would be a good move. If I were keeping the car, I'd do the emissions

and the spare, but for free, it's on you :**))

So, here's the deal, if you choose to accept it. I want to give away our

2000 Mercury Grand Marquis to some cruiser or other person if cruiser

doesn't fit. The candidate would be one who has no vehicle and is in or

entering a long refit during which they'll live aboard their only home,

their boat. After their refit, they'd commit to doing the same, assuming

the car was still running properly, and pass it along.

We currently hope to splash (and thence be gone) on the 26th, but that may

be extended if reality bites us on a couple of last minute things. So, it

would have to coordinate with our schedule.

Pictures can be seen in our 2011-2012 refit gallery (click the link below)

and the next step will be obvious :**))

Please have interested parties email me directly (,

as I may not see responses otherwise.



Morgan 461 #2

SV Flying Pig KI4MPC

See our galleries at !

Follow us at


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- Dr. Samuel Johnson
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