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I am available
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504 Wed February 13, 2013
Position Description: I am an experienced crewman but not a skipper. I can plot a compass course on a chart, tie sailor knots, steer a full circle (pointing, luffing, jibing and "heaving to"), stand watch (I have never run over anything, dead heads or reefs, and we have gillnetters galore where I come from.), can judge water depth by color, have never lost a sailboat race (Do you want to make 200 miles a day?), know how to watch for reefs in atolls, never get seasick regardless of weather, have sea legs, have been through a storm in which another boat was lost, and have been aboard a boat holed and saved it from sinking by myself (knee deep in water at the time.). I travel extremely light and was once invited by the producers of "Gold Rush" to do a TV survival show for them (Which included being at sea.).

Otherwise, I have no claims to fame. My negatives are that I snore if I'm bunking with somebody else. I can correct that with a simple air pump but don't know if you have the juice to spare as it uses the power of a night light (If not, I snore.).

I've never worked with GPS navigation but, if I know where I'm at and where I want to go, that's a compass course from my thinking and that's pretty simple.

I know how to turn the shower on to get wet, turn it off to lather, then turn it back on to rinse. And I don't waste propane. If the boat has no shower, I know how to sponge bath.

I am available to crew for anywhere from three weeks to 17 months. The less your experience, the less time I'll crew for you. If you want me to crew for you to save your boat and your A$$ that's a two way street. I'd rather crew for someone who can save my A$$. But - Yes - I can save your boat and A$$ if I have to.

I work out daily but am not gay and do not chase other men's wives. I enjoy drinking but only at anchor. Few, if any, find my personality antagonistic. If you're a Republican, I was one life long (a convention delegate twice) until George Bush made me leave the Party. So, if you're a Republican and want me to be one, I've been there. Odds are I'll agree with what you say. If you're a Democrat opposed to Republicans, odds are again I'll agree with what you say. I don't watch FOX and I don't watch MSNBC. So I'm politically neutral and should not offend.

I am not prejudiced racially or against women. If you are, don't put me on your boat.

I don't much care what DVD's you watch. I'll watch "Archer" or "Masterpiece Theater". But please spare me "Sex in the City".

I make at least as much money as you do so I'll pay my share of the trip. No - I won't rebuild your engine but, if we were to bend a prop or a shaft (Which won't happen with me aboard) I'll pay my share. Pump and electrical failures are your problem as that's your planning. I will sign on to a problem boat but I won't pay for the problem.

I do not need a boat with radar. I do not need a boat with freshwater desalvination. I do not need a boat with twin screws. I do not need a boat with three anchors. I don't need a sea anchor. That doesn't mean I'm stupid and will turn a boat down that has these features.

But I can do without them. Give me night lights and an anchor light and I'm good. If you don't have that, you don't have a boat.

I'm "almost" a skipper. Would like to crew for someone to take me the rest of the way.

OK. Final point, If you're still married and sexually active, I became a professional giggolo at age 29 and never worked a day since until I retired from that two years ago. I have no problem teaching you how it's done. And - No - I won't be in your cabin when you do it. I'll be as far forward as possible and with earplugs when you do it.

A good skipper plans these kinds of trips out 12 months in advance so I'm posting this with a 2014 expectation but won't object to earlier.
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