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Re: West Marine no longer matching prices...

Originally Posted by TakeFive View Post
Now you are hitting a hot button of mine. Like all brick and mortar stores, the value they provide is that you can go in and look at the item.

Personally, I believe that the practice of "showrooming" (looking at an item in a store and then purchasing it somewhere else online) is unethical, and I refuse to do it. If I look at an item in the store, I buy it from the store, at the store's asking price. And I have done that at WM many times - and did NOT ask for a price match. The reason I think showrooming is unethical is that I would be using the store's services for free, and then buying elsewhere. Do that enough, and there will no longer be any stores around to look at those items that you need to touch to make an informed decision.

However, certain commodity items, like boat paint, do not require a store visit. You can get all the info you need online and by calling the paint manufacturer. For items like paint, I used to ask WM to match their competitors's prices. With WM's new policy, this year I will buy my paint online from the cheapest supplier.

I will continue to do business with West Marine when I need to see the item. But for commodity stuff that I can decide on without visiting the store, I'll buy online.
It's about time someone mentioned this. A brick and Mortar location with inventory should not be expected to match the web on any item unless they also match the service (ie: no sale help, ship to your driveway, return by mail only after chasing them down, etc...)

I do the same thing, if I shop for an item in your store and you help me I buy from you. Conversely, if your staff is inattentive or apathetic I will use your display to comparison shop and purchase later online.

It is all about service in my opinion.
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