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Re: Full or fin keel?

go black power hunting on occassion. Materials used /designs are varied.
Can pick up modern black power gun using synthetic stock, power pre formed in measured cyclinders, pre formed 50cal sabots. - get my deer. Good gun, easy to use, easy to aim,well designed and accuate.
Close friend let me have use of true Tenn. long rifle. ( ancient thing but well kept) Beautifully made but heavy to carry and a little more effort to charge and mantain.. Still good rifle- well designed, easy to aim, and accurate- get my deer.
Which is better?- Not a germaine question. Totally depends on what criteria the answerer brings to his response.
Are there features of the "modern" black power gun that represent advances- Yes.
Is the hex barrel "old" gun a thing of beauty,durability and marvel of function- Yes
Do both work- yes

Are there modern black power weapons that are junk- yes
Are there "old" guns that are junk- yes

Agree merit has nothing to do with age. But intelligent people have looked and thought about our tools- be they boats, guns, cars, or hammers. Not to acknowledge advances is cut yourself off from another source of wonder and enjoyment. Paulo has a running thread which I read often with great enjoyment. But those boats don't meet my needs or aesethesics. I think some of current advances would actually decrease my enjoyment of my boat. However, There have clearly been advances in our undestanding of fluid dynamics, cad/cam programs and computer design have aided our N.A.s . Still think trick is to incorporate current knowledge tempered by real world experience. I went with a 13 y.o. design. I talked with multiple owners back to hull 2 ( I'm hull 50). Boat is "modern". Each one has new "features" as technology advances. Boat is "proven" and not cutting edge. I think boat filled the nitch that Valiant once did. I looked at many V50's before I blew the money on this one. Does that mean the sun shines less strong and wind less on the V50- no. Does that mean the V50 is not something I woul sail accross the pond and think is a great design I would be very proud to own-no. Does that mean the O46 doesn't have many advances incorperated in it's design and execution compared to a V50- no.

s/v Hippocampus
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