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Re: virgin

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Funny I did not think the advise was negative...just realistic.

Never sailed the boat
Buys it after survey gets on it with no ocean experience
Heads out into the ocean for a 100 mile trip ALONE
Has never sailed the area he wil be traveling and obviously
Hasn't done the research
Comes on SN and asks about it
Doesn't like advice unless it pats him on he back

Yep that's negativity. So what's wrong with telling the truth and why would you support it. Think carefully. If your daughter or son came to you with this scenario would you cheer them on or tell them its risky. Jealousy hardly. Common sense maybe.

How about you walk the talk and offer to help him and go on the mission.
Don't remember specifically quoting you at all but it must have hit a nerve I guess. Oh well.

I did walk the walk. He asked for suggestions for his trip. I provided a suggestion.

I guess I tend to give people more credit than to just assume they just walked out of a bowling ally and then stumbled on Sailnet and decide to take up sailing. He stated he's been racing for several years, I would think he knows his way around a sailboat and can manage to check on the weather before he leaves port. He said he's going to give the boat a complete going over prior to his trip, I'll assume he knows what he's looking for. He's going on a coastal cruise to Ventura, not an open ocean voyage to Hawaii.

But you can continue to be "realistic" if you want.
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