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Originally Posted by GMFL View Post
That's pretty funny. Replies some people make. The mentality here sometimes seems to be that unless you've already made many ocean crossings, you should never attempt one. Not even a coastal trip in cloudless 70 degree weather with no wind or swell where he'll be motoring most of the way. True, the boat may or may not be up to the challenge but you nor I know that either way. He can find that out on his own I'd assume, and decide if he wants to make the trip.

Typical American thinking has always been to take chances. Imagine if people never did that and stayed ashore or didn't start a business because they thought they might loose everything and therefore didn't try. Sure, he's not finding new worlds or risking a life's savings on a business endevor, all the better.

Have fun, get in trouble, find yourself in a challenging situation and use your know how or lack of it to get out of it. That's what life's about if you ask me. Sure a Boat U.S. membership might be a good idea and a reliable VHF too. I'm pretty sure Henry Dana or Josh Slocum didn't have those and they both lived to pen some pretty great stories about their adventures.

OR, he can take the other route, not take on an adventure, sit on his couch and post to sailnet all day. IDK, that doesn't sound like too much fun to me, maybe I'm different.
But I doubt Henry Diana and Joshua Slocum would have done it in an un-founded boat. I am all for taking risks but it has to be a known risk. Chances of a charity auction boat even having a reliably working engine is slim.

Yea everyone has to have a first offshore experience but why encourage someone to do it on the first time they even see the boat?

T Abbey did off shore without any experience but it was a brand new boat. Slocum spent a year rebuilding the spray.
No one is saying not to have an adventure but at least find out if the boat is sound first.

By the way I don't think "having fun" is worth risking the Coast Guard over I would like them to be available if I need them.

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