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Re: Full or fin keel?

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
Hannah- sounds like you have a great boat. Was back and forth between the Boreal and Outbound. Talked it through repetitively with the admiral + hope we made a good decision and hope you did too. Looking at blogs of owners of both boats ( I'm not to good reading english let alone french) seems we will both be OK. Agree with you the spread sheets don't matter -it's what's your noon to noon and how you feel doing it. How is your galley arranged?
On some full keel boats I have had,especially the double enders, didn't like the way they would squat when running and long bowsprits make picking up mooring more difficult as you need a bridle.
Outbound, Glad to hear you found the boat you and the admiral really want to sail. It is so important that the both of you are happy with the purchase. We spend a lot of money on our dreams and to know you made a purchase that both can live with even though there can be some things that are not perfect when you get to know that boat. But the selection is a moment of satisfaction for both crew members. You have a beautiful boat and one we would have considered if we had not had such a desire for the aluminum center boarder.

We decided on our new boat choice for many reasons. Both being 60 we wanted to have a new experience in our years of sailing, sort of feeling new energy in what we love to do. This will be our last purchase of a serious boat. We think we made the right choice for us but until I sail her seriously I won't know if it will fit us as we envision. Good thing is if we are uncomfortable with her I already have buyers for her at more than we payed for her, few boats are that way but the small market for a boat like ours is very strong. There are sailors out there who want to do things far more adventurous than we do who want a boat such as the Boreal. But we are excited about sailing a modern designed boat such as ours, we are experienced sailors of long distant cruising and look forward to the benefits that boats like our offer. We were convinced of this after our last cruise through the S. Pacific and seeing all the French aluminum centerboards going every where one can imagine and always happy with their product.

I noticed you mentioned that you thought the centerboard boat may be a bit more difficult to sail, I think that is what you were saying. I thought the same also at first but after sailing the companies boat and talking first hand with other Boreal owners who are going everywhere I think it is an easy boat to sail in all conditions. Guess we will be finding out soon. We are looking forward to doing a hard month or so of sea trials and enjoying the learning process of a different designed boat than what we have always sailed. A big part of our next adventure is the boat itself.

Oh, on the galley. We know it is not what we are used too. We have always cooked well on passage and will change our ways to the European style of cooking good meals before passage and putting them away for rough weather. Boreal has bent over backwards in making a more secure galley for us and we appreciate the effort.

Good luck with the new boat, enjoy the adventure.
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