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Re: Arriving to Puerto Rico from USVI read this!!!

"calling us half asses "
No one called anyone half an ass, except you yourself taking umbrage where none was.

I said the situation in PR was half-assed. Why you choose to remain in limbo as neither a state nor a nation, why you choose to remain a war prize, is your own business.

But the fact remains, Puerto Rico has had many years in which to change that and has chosen to remain an insular possession. I come from one of the many sovereign states that were in fact sovereign states before there was an "American" nation. We take matters of self control and sovereignty almost as seriously as Jefferson Davis did, and we don't all agree that Lincoln was right about The Union being inviolate.

You want to be a subject with limited control over your own rights and future? OK, that's your choice. And no matter how you do or don't like it, you still live in a war prize, an insular possession, a political convenience that can literally be cut up, bought and sold, at the discretion of the owners. Who may be benevolent right now--but they still own you. Chosing to remain the possession of someone else? That's slave mentality. And, not incidentally, foreign to the traditional American way of thinking.

So whether it is financially advantageous or not, you're not in control of your own future. You're in less control of it than any state or nation would be, because you're owned.
And just to be clear, that's not you personally, that's "you" the island of Puerto Rico.

So many little bits of the UK were so proud to gain their statehood. PR? Go figure. Sweet deal.
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