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Re: Full or fin keel?

Originally Posted by Faster View Post
Not exactly on-topic but one of the things I like most about Paulo's Interesting boats thread is the exposure to the European market and the different mindset over there.

As a result my 'dream boat' - ie no financial restraints - would in all likelihood be from across the pond..

Hannah.. assume you're going to sail the boat out from Europe when you take delivery? Will she end up back in the PNW?
The interesting boat thread has to be one of the greatest threads on sailing of all time. Eventually I think N. Americans will look to the European market more if they want a new boat. And with the quality of the N. American used market aging and the amount of work required to bring a boat up to where it needs to be it is starting to get slim pickings out there. I'm not talking about 3000 dollar boats but the boats that most want now in the 40 foot range. A lot of them are 20, 30 to 40 years old and getting very tired. The new boat market I believe will pick up not because the economy is picking up but because a lot of people who want to do some serious sailing be it day, coastal or long range cruising will have to take a serious look at all the options available. That's what may have happened in Europe maybe they ran out of good used boats and turned in the other direction. Paulo would know more on that. If N. Americans do start to look to Europe in numbers it can only be good for the new boat market here. Designers and boat building companies here will be encouraged to start up some newer designs and build them. I hope that anyway and I hope they will build quality if it happens.

Faster, I don't know if the new boat will make it back to the North West. We have talked about it as an option but we talk lots of ideas for the next 5 years. But we are taking it one day at a time. If we have plans it will be to leave Europe when the crossing season starts to the carib then through the Canal and back to the Pacific as fast as we need to go. We would like to get up to the Carolines this trip and maybe from there we would decide to head North then East back to the PNW. It would be fun to sail into the Straits after five years away. But who knows, we are really interested in the rivers of Borneo and PNG and maybe from there to S. Africa. We have even talked about hanging out in Europe for a year or if we get through the Panama Canal and have had enough we could bash up to the Sea of Cortez which we love and just becoming Cortez bums like many do. If we were 40 I'd be heading for the high lats, no I guess not! I love the warm sea and the tropical beautiful women. Someone else can have the polar bears.

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