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Re: Arriving to Puerto Rico from USVI read this!!!

[QUOTE=hellosailor;1002228]Derogatory? Yes, look it up if you don't understand the definition. The facts are simple, it is a war prize, nothing more and nothing less. Who is disputing it's history?

The US forcibly took possession of PR from Spain in the Spanish American war. That Spain had "discovered" "conquered" "subjugated" or whatever you want to call it previously, has no bearing on the fact that the US took possession of PR as a prize of war.

Now, as to whether the continuing status as an insular possession is derogatory...I can't tell you. If anyone in PR feels defamed by that status, they can get up and vote for Statehood and take all that brings.And possibly all that it takes away too. Do try to be fair. But apparently a majority of Puertoricanos feel that it is to their advantage to be less than a State. Or, someone keeps casting the votes that way. Yes, democracy is a beautiful thing. Can we at least agree on that?

Meanwhile, it remains a war prize, and the concepts of independence and freedom, however illusory, don't seem to be the ones valued most there. Go for statehood. Go for nationhood and independence. But, to stay in limbo as a war prize? If that's what the majority wants, yes. If you don't like it, maybe you should move there and register to vote.

That's a concious choice, by the folks who live there.By goodness, I think you are getting it.

Chicago, DC, and N'Orleans oughtn't to be lumped into the same bucket as each other, fwiw.Sarcasm, I'm purposely picking on entire populations because some in power appear to be corrupt. Do you recognize the irony? Taken further, the residents of Illinois are half-assed because they refuse to vote out corrupt politicians who limit their 2nd amendment freedoms. That is their choice to live under such tyranny and continue to make the same choices at the ballot box. They are clearly not free but think they are because they refuse to make a change, like get on a plane and fly to another state. Wait....PRs can do the same thing. DC has a truly unique status, of being a city without a state.Yes, that's why I chose it. Three towns, each with some unique attributes.[/QUOTE

I apologize to any residents of the great state of Illinois for using it as an example.

Swing away and get the last shot in. This is Sailnet and not SA, right? I'm done drifting this thread any further from the original concept of clearing in and clearing out. I could sure use some pinchos about now!!!!

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