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Re: Arriving to Puerto Rico from USVI read this!!!

"Yes, democracy is a beautiful thing. Can we at least agree on that?"
Sure. Although I'd suggest democracy MAY be a beautiful thing. They don't have a very long track record, compared to other societies.

" If you don't like it, maybe you should move there and register to vote."
Why would I need to move there, when I can just ask my Congressman to turn it into a parking lot and forest preserve? Or industrial zone? Or maybe, give the USN back their bombing range with an extra couple of acres? I already can vote for the future of PR, remember, "we the people" own it. We could simply "liberate" it, declare independence, or trade it to someone else. You know, like we bought the Alaskan territories.

"I'm purposely picking on entire populations because some in power appear to be corrupt."
No, your irony was so subtle as to be invisible. Are you trying to say the PR is like Chicago then? A world-class mob political machine, which the inhabitants prefer to keep running?
"They are clearly not free but think they are..."
See, that's the problem with a democracy. You can't just install one and expect it to work. And even the Founding Fathers never intended everyone to vote, their concept of democracy gave the vote to about 20% of the citizens. The criteria may seem poor, but given the times, it probably gave the vote to the best informed and committed slice of the public.

And fwiw, no, I don't endorse the Chicago mob, or the way N'Orleans cons its voters. But fi they want tribalism, hey, for some folks that works too. Why vote for a stranger when you can vote for a friend, or uncle? That works for a lot of the world. Why worry about building codes, when you can slip someone a c-note and get certified? Until the next big storm or flood comes along, anyway.

Tip O'Neil made some good points about old fashioned politics and vote buying in his book, there's a lot to be said for that way of doing things.
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