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Re: Compression post repaired

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
510, a lot of the plywood on the I28 is "Bruneel" plywood, which is damned strong stuff. I don't recall ever looking at what that little counter top section is made from, but if that's also Bruneel, it is already as strong as fiberglass.(VBG)
I would disagree with any organic wood being stronger then GP03 electric grade fiberglass. Wood absorbs water, it's suppose to supply the tree with water and is more easily deformed the more it absorbs, yielding to permanent deformation. Hence, why my floor has sagged under load. GP03 fiberglass resist absorbing water better then regular polyester resin fiberglass, has glass fiber and fillers, and therefore less likely to have permanent deformation.

However, I have decided to use 6061 T-6 Aluminum instead of fiberglass supported by concrete filled in the keel between the joices and to the same level as the joices.

Anyway, on to my update on how I will be fixing my sagging compression post.

I have found the reason my two support joice are at different heights. While both have torn away from keel walls where they were fiberglassed to the keel walls, one has departed more then the other.

So, I will need to remove both and put in new ones, both at the height of the higher one, closer to the original height.

Then remove the two joices, a 10"x24" portion of the 3/4 plywood floor, glass in two new joices, put down a piece of PVC pipe for drainage, pour concrete between the joices, level with the joices. I have a piece of 3/4"x10"x24" of powder coated 6061-T6 aluminum to put in place of the floor. I will remove the 3/4 piece of plywood under the wood post attached to the bulkhead, replace it with a piece of 3"x4" of powder coated aluminum. Then once everything has cured, remove the jacks.

Then unscrew the metal post from the counter top, and jack up the mast again, re-secure with lumber, and move the metal post enough to remove the sunk portion of the 3/4 plywood counter. I have a 5" diameter piece of 3/4" thick teak to replace under the metal post. Then remove the jacks, lumber, and install new standing rigging.

Lastly, make a two piece portion of 1/2 plywood topped with 1/4 mahogany plywood to go around the metal post to finish up the counter top.

I'm doing most of the work Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I will take pictures of everything, and post them up as soon as I get time after the job is finished.

I will greatly appreciate your prayers all goes well and safely. I will be praying for sure!

Be back soon!

I have decided to remove the mast to do the repairs. I need the mast painted, new wiring, and want new LED lights.

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