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Re: Full or fin keel?

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
Paulo- just curious what do you think of Morris, Waterline,the more recent Shannons , the new PSC ketch. These are fairly substantial boats. There is a reason that even at a given LOA some folks still prefer a heavier, more substantial boat.This does not relate to construction method, length of boat or expense.
Sure, an heavier boat has nothing to do with full or fin keel or up-to-date hydrodynamics. In fact I prefer the design of the Outbound 44 to any of those boats. Some are really outdated like the Shannons and Pacific Seacraft other are slightly outdated like the Morris or the Waterline and I don't mean the interior but hull and keel design. In fact the only ones that are modern are the Classic line of Morris, that have modern under-bodies. That does not mean that they are not high quality boats with great interiors, all of them, in fact I can only judge then by the photos and reputation that is generally very high (as the prices).

Regarding the Outbound my opinion is that it is a remarkable good design for one 13 years old. I like the interior that seems to be of high quality, if a bit classic for my taste, the boat is not heavy and it has a decent sail area for that kind of boat. I am quite sure that if Carl Schumacher was still around he would be the first to want to update his design. The ballast effect could be maximized (only 30% is on the bulb) providing a more stiff boat and even if in what regards rocker the boat seems very modern, the shape of the hull shows some age and the beam could be brought more aft. Nothing big, but small improvements that would make for a better boat. I like the boat moderated beam. All in all, as I have said already, the Oubound 44 is a great boat.

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
Hope you would agree is it easier to get a performance multihull to go faster but for many they just don't make sense and they build anfd buy monohulls.
Of course.

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
Similarly, as a total experience performance as you define it is not the only parameter that goes in to the boat purchase.
Just to be clear, it is not as I define it. When I talk about performance here I am not talking just about speed, but pointing ability, stability downwind, sailing with less (or more heel), sea motion comfort, light wind performance, strong wind performance, reserve stability....all the factors that makes a sailboat a good sailboat in what regards its basic function: to sail and to sail well and safely. Different types of boats (for different uses) have different valuations in what regards the relative importance of these parameters.

We can also consider that the other function of a cruising boat is to provide a home, so we can also talk about performance in a way the boat satisfies better or worse the main requisites: Quantity and quality of the space, functionality, storage, tankage and so on. Again, different types of boats value these qualities more or less in what regards the sailing potential and most of the times these qualities (interior comfort) are detrimental to sail potential.

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
I find some features- especially the interiors of euro rockets ugly and not satisfying as regards ergonomics, expected aesethic enjoyment in fuure years and ease of maintenance. Te interior of my boat fo me is a warm, inviting place that will serve me and my wife into our 80s. We give up little or nothing in meaningful performance ( you have seen the polars and they remain outstanding).
And then it is me that make generalizations
If you want to compare, compare your boats with what is comparable in terms of price and in what regards that we are talking about boats that have probably a slightly better performance, at least some, but I would not call them rockets and the quality of design and finish is as good as the one in your boat. We are talking about HR, Najad, XC Yachts or the likes.

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
I agree with you the bulbed fin keel is a major advance. But some will say I don't want more than 6.5' in draft. Idon't want bulb extending in front of the fin. I don't want twin rudders. ..
Sure, all cruising boats that are in the same class of yours have about that draft as standard and can have an optional reduced draft that will off course diminish the upwind performance.

About the twin rudders you left me confused. Why the hell you don't want something that will just add more control to your boat, will sustain less stress (and therefore will be more resistant) offer a double safety factor in the case one of them is hit by something (with one if you break it you are in trouble) and adds not more drag to the boat?



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