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Re: Full or fin keel?

PAULO, have you confused Oregonian with Jesus? Earlier I was just an “ignorant” Am I now an “ignorant Jesus”?
The reason I point out the sailing qualities of some full keeled boats is to help balance your gross exaggeration of the modern designed fin keeled boat. You have been misleading people on this forum (and others) for way too long. You have done many people a disservice with your claims. The change in design to a fin keel does NOT make all boats better. It will not insure that the boat will sail better in all cases. A short, heavy, boat with a fin keel will get pushed around in a twisting and rolling fashion a lot more than a boat with a full keel. If a boat is a full time, live-aboard, long range, cruiser, it will be a heavy boat; fin keel or not.
I have never, at any time, stated that all boats, of any length, benefit from having a full keel. I have always referenced “Smaller” boats, ie, 20 to 35 feet or so. I will say this to you for the 3rd time: The short, heavy, full keel, live-aboard/voyaging boat, will out perform the fin keel counterpart, in just about any condition.
PAULO, I sail a lot. Way more fin keels than full. Many boats “Right out of the box”. Where do I get my data? Frequently under the palm tree at the end of a long passage. If 2 boats leave port together and the Westsail 32 arrives after 19 days and the Pretorian 35 after 21 days, Well, that’s data. Repeat the scenario about 27 times. More data. Repeat similar scenarios about 130 times. More data. Throw in a few long distant races. More data. (Well over 1000 local sails - more data). The result: There is very little to merit the fin keel boat when used on the “SMALLER” sizes of long distance cruisers.
FASTER has said it is important for him to maneuver well in reverse. That is a good reason to own a fin keeled boat. Lin and Larry Pardey’s boat probably does not maneuver well in reverse. Are they “Ignorants” too?

One more thing: Please try to understand this. A person that buys a Dana 24, or a Westerly Centaur at 26’, or a Cape George 31, or a Westsail 32, probably did not secretly want a 40 to 50 foot boat. Some of you insist on comparing similar displacements of boats. That is your right, and some people will do that, but please don’t assume that all people want a longer boat. They do not.
outbound, I am familiar with the outbound 46. I am certain it is a great boat for you and your wife. Good luck, see you down the road. I will be in Raiatea in 4 weeks
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