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Re: Full or fin keel?

Wuffie- I agree with the substance of Hannah's post. There were many features of the Boreal that I found logical and made great sense to me. I think that it is a great boat with outstanding features. I can't crap on it or the boats Paulo talks about. Hannah has not said "this is right and that is wrong". When you contemplate spending much of the rest of you life in a boat your emphatise is altered. Both Hannah and Paulo have said I will have a great boat with excellent perfomance. Both have said at present there are more options with better bang for you buck on the other side of the pond and I think they are right. Hannah has been open and honest. Hannah decided some of the interior features are less important to the quality of their lives than exterior and structural design features.I decided differently. I decided I wanted the best performing boat that included interior features and structural features ( many mentioned in prior posts) that addressed weaknesses in prior boats I've owned or been involved with. I knew I was possibly giving up a percent or two in SOG but gaining multiple things that put my mind at peace and improve the quality of my experience..Believe that would cause us to be more likely to sail the Outbound hard and hopefully far. In the end Hannah's boat added too many variables and new ways of thinking to allow sufficient comfort for my wife and I to make the jump. I pray we both have made the right decision for all of us.I believe I have 95% of the features Paulo exposes and 100% of the features Hannah loved about her Mason. There are boats that have 100% of the features of both but I have yet to find one I can afford and still have something left for the cruiising kitty. I find the interiors of new boats stark and think they will be harder to live in. Others may find them beautiful. I believe it's arrogant to be judgmental about someone else's tastes. But this aspect is important to me as I envision spending countless days on the boat at our various destinations. Silly daily things like having a work shop, doing the laundry,handling the trash,being able to cook a fancy dinner. I always thought the interiors of Hinckleys were beautiful. As far as I know they just make motorboats ( of moden design) now. None of this abborgates the good features of your boat nor the good features of modern bulbed fin keel boats. Wuffie - I hope to cruise with you someday. Perhaps it will open your eyes. I hope to cruise with Hannah perhaps it will open my eyes.Maybe if P cruises with me I'll get "wow this aint so bad and she's fast" Hell, I thought about having Covey Island build me a strip planked schooner (with a moden rig though).There are many ways to seek the horizon. All they are saying is there are more options right now over there then here. They did not meet my needs but may met the needs of others. I expect Phil will be building more boats as I believe there are those with similar views as my own. Know Bob Perry reworked the deck molds to allow a "voyager" version of the 46 and the same design elements have been incorporated in ac 52 version as well. These are new boats. Carl was on to something with the 46- modern design with the liveability of the old. Best of both worlds.
P.S.- wuffie my deal is done. have no financial interest at any level in what any reader of my posts on this subject decide.
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