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Re: How do I get insurance and how much does it cost?

Originally Posted by northoceanbeach View Post
Whoa, I am NOT trying to insult anybody. That's not my intent. Although I disagree with a couple points made.

1. I don't think that in a big area like Seattle I am hiring a surveyor that lives an hour from the harbor. It's probably a guy that lives on a boat there or nearby I would think. So it's not 2 hours commute.

2. I am no expert, but I spent a year and a half as a bottom cleaner, so I can always put on a wetsuit and dive.

3. the boat I am likely to get had a survey done a year and a half ago when it was hauled and bottom painted, so one for insurance purposes alone seems like a waste to me.

4. I understand that in not getting a survey, I am taking more risk, but alot of sailing is taking risks, and budgeting. If I hauled and survey lets go with $550, I would rather risk it, and spend that $550 replacing halyards or some standing rigging, or getting a dingy. You have to pick and choose, and for me, I would choose something that for $550 I can have in my hand.

5. I am not intending to cross oceans, that must have been a previous post from when I was in Hawai'i with dreams bigger than my skills and I bought a Cascade 29.

I am not trying to piss anybody off, and if you choose or have chosen to have a survey done, I support your decision, because while I may feel it is overcosted, I still agree with your points that it is a good decision.

I'm also not sure that I WANT to know everything, maybe I'll get a good boat and sail the S out of it and love it, and just not worry about everything, I've seen some people on some rickety boats doing some really fun things, while I was in the harbour worrying about my standing rigging. I want to be safe, but I liked what I read the other day. It was an older guy in another boat saying he did alot of crazy S when he was young and he wouldn't do it now, but didn't regret it for a minute. Then he said, go while you are young, go small, but go now.

What if I get a survey and there are just too many little things that I shouldn't buy the boat, these are old boats...what if I don't buy it, and then I look at another boat and get a survey, and then there are too many little things to buy it, I could spend all my money on surveys!
Here .... this may help you perform a self-survey. Marine Survey 101

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