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Re: Do I need a guy and a sheet on each side of spinnaker?

In flat water and/or small 2-3 ft. waves, tweakers can be eliminated by the use of a bridled spinn pole, the downhaul of the bridle run to a block at the front of the base of the mast .... and both uphaul and downhaul spinn pole bridle control lines run back to the cockpit for single handed control. You'll need bridles on the top AND bottom of the spinn pole.
Tweakers DO help a lot with spinn handling, so dont entirely dismiss their usage; and, on 'small boats' should be lead from quite near the cap shrouds.

For that size boat and for single handing, I would suggest you start your learning curve in light winds and with 'end for end' gybing of the spinn and spinn pole: .... overtrim the spinn sheet and lazy sheet to set the middle (seam) of spinn to the boat's centerline, run dead downwind, gybe the main, go forward and simply change the pole ends --- small boat spinn techniques. I'd also suggest to forget about socks / spinn chutes, etc. as on that size boat will add nothing but unnecessary 'complication'. If you do use a sock, simply 'reef' the sock halfway when gybing. To do 'end for end' you simply have to practice to keep the un-poled spinnaker flying 'perfect' in front of the boat, but with foreguy (the lazy spinn sheet) and spinn sheet pulled in a bit to keep the spinn from oscilating.

Dowsing when single handing can be accomplished by simply easing the pole forward, pulling the sheet 'all the way', and then turning the boat's bow completely through the wind (by 'TACKING') and 'laying' the spinn onto the 'now windward' side of the mainsail and the boat hove-to and then simply PULL / PEEL the spinn down from the mainsail. Obviously, you have to absolutely sure you have no 'sharps' in the rigging or spreaders.

Suggest you start out with simple 'small boat' spinnaker methods, and then add the 'more complicated stuff' as needed for bumpy or stink weather conditions --- KISS.

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