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Re: Mostly singlehanded...what lines should I run aft?

If I had 4 winches there would be 2 aft on the cabin top and 2 ON THE MAST, not at the foot of it.

The ONLY thing I dislike about lines led aft ON TOP of the cabin top is that they are now all on the deck, which is only a "problem" in my mind. I do not like having things underfoot forward- granted, how often must one go forward with lines led aft... not alot, but i just like doing it- its my damn boat, Ill hang out on the whole thing, wherever i please...

Anyway Jeff H is right about one thing, if you route it back to the cockpit, you will use it. IF you dont', you might still, but you will have plenty of excuses not too.

my old boat had the furler and sheets aft, nothing else. now I have 3 halyards, a cunningham, a vang and a reef all right there. and I use them all. the outhaul is also aft, but on the boom...

I dont' give a ratsass about any flopping lines, those get "stowed" its called seamanship- and so wet or dry they aren't an issue.

I want my lines that are routed aft, INSIDE my cabin, basically running along the "ceiling"

As I havent a headliner to hide "gutters" under I have yet to come up with a satisfactory way to keep the cabin dry- as the holes the lines enter and exit from will leak in rain, spray or anything else.

once I come up with a set up I feel confident will keep water out I will move all hardware and lines UNDER the deck, rather than on it. look up- now imagine ropes running for and aft on the ceiling.

look down, imagine ropes under your feet.

Now look at the keyboard or iphone whatever, and imaging that all those ropes in either situation terminate right there, allowing you precise control over your marrionette, Now with a complete mental picture like that, which do you imagine to be preferable, lines on the "floor" or lines on the "ceiling"

I crewed a boat with "evertyhing" lead aft- and it was all under the deck, between it and the headliner, wiht "gutters" 5200ed in place under them, so any water that entered the boat, exited into the cockpit. it was awesome. clean usable decks, nothing to trip over etc, the bow guy certainly appreciated it. no clutter, a clean slick visual appearance. IT was HIGHLY functional in every way, and very eye catching and appealing.

If it trims or shapes, you need access to it. especially if you race shorthanded, and I *think* I remember you lamenting lack of crew in a post or two.
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