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Re: Mostly singlehanded...what lines should I run aft?

I was talking about Jameswilson- his was tounge in cheek. You were decidedly vehement.

and lo those many pro miles you keep referencing go even further to proving the point, EVERYONE ELSE'S boat is ALWAYS rigged wrong.

I've only a few "pro miles" mostly I sail on my own behalf- on my own boat- you know- the only damn boat in the ocean that is rigged properly.

If I was on other peoples boats all the time I would rather just have it all terminate at the mast too- rather than constantly be sorting out what line goes where.

sometimes I want a dodger.

If had one I would be more sensitive to the issue of water coming through it, in fact it would make me IRATE- the whole point of the thing being to keep water OUT... equipment that cant function properly either by design, or by "meddling" IE leaving zippers open or whatever for lines to come through, drives me nuts.

It always brings a smile when I hear about or see the elderly getting along so well- Keep up the good work, youre only as old as you feel?act? whichever.

I've tried it both ways, and like self tailing winches- I've no axe to grind either way, it seems I've been able to somehow manage on a variety of my own boats (all of which were proper, and yet somehow rigged several different ways) and other peoples to A) get there and back "safely" usually quickly as well
and B) have a reasonably good time, reefing forward or from the cockpit, etc.
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