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Re: Favorite old towing vehicles?

You're right about the head gaskets. i've had 2 go. Thank god subaru's are easy to work on. It's the only vehicle i feel comfortable ripping a part on the side of the road. They are well built. The gen 2 or newer are much better. i believe 2003 and newer. I now have a gen 3 i believe.
I used to drive big p/u's and bought a POS 91 for $400, to save on gas. I blew the head gasket on interstate 80 in mid-pennsiltucky. I went another 80 miles with no antifreeze. As soon as i made the turn onto 81 and slowed down the engine went into vapor lock. Man; i think i might of made NY. I ran that car for another 2 months with water spewing out the tailpipe. Yup, those were the days. I traded in my last P/U in '98 for a '96 Suby and now pull a snowbear trailer to do any yard/side work.
They are like having a 73 dodge slant six; it doesn't matter what you do to them; they will continue to run.

Now if i could just get the rest of my military buddies to stop saying i drive a Lesbian's car i would be right up there.
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