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Originally Posted by T34C
All of the post so far have assumed that a ketch, or more specificaly a yawl, has a ruduced amount of sail area flying from the main mast. That the sail area was divided among two mast instead of one. What about the various models of boats that came in both sloop and yawl variations with NO change in the main mast or its sail area but simply added sail area with the addition of the mizzen mast?
You have the yawl rigged version of the Tartan 34C and that may not be a good example for this question. By adding the mizzen you are moving the center of effort for the sailplan aft but you can still have a balanced 34C by just not putting the centerboard down all the way. Most boats donít have a centerboard so you canít just add the mizzen without some other changes. I know that there must be an example of a boat designed without a center board but has the option of adding a mizzen and I canít think of one offhand. All the examples I can think of that add the mizzen change something in the design to allow for the movement in the center of effort of the sailplan.

Itís an interesting question and if you could think of an example I would like to look into it and see what they did to maintain the balance of the boat.

By the way I have the drawings for the 34C from S&S and I put them into the software we use for design and analyzed the hydrodynamics and balance because itís the boat I own and I will probably add the mizzen so I wanted to see what effect it had on the boat. I also wanted to check the rig using FEA software and determine the strain in the rig before deciding on upgrades.
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