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Re: Someone's giving me an Islander 24'

For me a boat this small that is not trailer-able would just not make any sense. Can you borrow a flat bed trailer and build a cradle for the boat on it and tow it home? Sounds like the boatyard owner might be wiling to drop it on your trailer to get it out of there. That would be the only way I would even consider this. You could have it in your drive way till you finish the work on it, then tow it to the water and have it put in the water by a crane.

First of all it will need a lot more than "paint inside and out." The painting part will come in three or four years. It might be OK if you are looking for a project and a place to work on it. (IE a driveway or space in the back yard) If you are going to have to pay a yard for storage while working on it, then I would say forget it. If you will have to pay just one person to work on it forget it. If you are thinking you can work on it in the water, forget it. For close to a years storage fees you will should be able to buy a boat of similar type in decent shape. Keep in mind a fully restored boat is going to only be worth around $4,000 and that is if everything is done correctly and perfect, with all new marine grade plywood and exceptional workmanship down below. But $2,000 is more likely all you will get for it.

Judging from the pictures it looks like all bulkheads will need to be replaced, along with the interior furniture. Looks like the decks are de-laminated, so you are in it for several thousand before you look at standing and running rigging, a couple more boat bucks, then add in some sails and a working outboard for a few more boat bucks. Have you looked at the price of decent paint? Then when you get frustrated 1/2 way through and you give it away after putting 6 grand into, you will realize those who said it was a bad idea were right.

By the way I am not pessimistic at all, just a realist. I would hate to see someone get into something like this and get over there head. On the plus side it likely has 1500# of lead and figure about 30 cents a pound, it will at least pay for the dumpster to put the cut up fiberglass into.

Oh and by the way I like the look of the boat, very plucky. Check out your local Craig's list to see what boats are going for locally.

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