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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Interesting to me, that what is obviously lacking is any sturdy hand holds in the companion way for going down the stairs. There are no handholds down below at all. I consider this important in boats designed for sailing in any sea state. Or is the focus of design, just to look pretty tied up to the dock? (not that I consider this to be an atrractive boat below decks. Simply not my cup of tea)

When I look at boats, I picture what I need when underway. That foo foo glass sink in the head, is so shallow that any water would slop over in any sort of wake or sea state. And the sharp corners will likely find the softest, most vascular foreheads in a short period of time.

Again ... in the head there are no handholds at all, and the toilet is facing the wrong way. Are folks buying these boats, actually planning to hoist sails in 20 knots and understand heeling? Do they understand what one needs for safe navigating down below to make coffee or do anything while underway? That towel rack is sure to be a point of contact for knees and thighs, and catch clothes.

Give me a boat for sailing designed by those who actually sail it, and not one like this whose design seems to geared toward life tied up to the dock. This is not a boat that I would want to go offshore or in any sea state with. The lack of thought in the layout down below shows the priorities, and it's not for any serious sailing.

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