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Re: Mostly singlehanded...what lines should I run aft?

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
C.Breeze I'm one of those who "worked my ass off to retire". Maybe I'm not as physically able- I know my endurance sucks and my joints aren't too great either. But I've managed to go to Bermuda (won once) several times ( did it with celestial once too) and from N.E. to the Carribean a few times and have been through a number of storms. What I see more often then infirm elderly are arrogant youth who have yet to gain the humility and wisdom that comes with age.Last summer came in on the launch with a couple in their 80's. They needed help getting in and alot of help getting their kit off their boat into the launch as well. They had big smiles as they just came back from a two week cruise. Wife was on me as it took 3 passes for them to pick up their mooring. Watched closely and was ready to help but they did it themselves. ?Isn't that what it's about? They made everyone on the launch smile and it was a great day to be alive.
Suspect over 35+yrs. I have owned a few more boats than you have children. My new boat is the first I will have that has power winches and a bow thruster. Something new to learn.
Find your comment age-ist and an expression of your own inadequacies. Plase keep your hateful thoughts to your self. Would appreciate further comments about running rigging brought aft as my crippled old knees and fat gut make it difficult to go forward in a blow.
People of all ages learn from experience and being taught.Doesn't matter if they get it at 30 or 60. If you are skilled perhaps you can put joy in this world by sharing your skills not your insults.Show them how to use the Racor, explain about anchoring and snubbing etc.
They are putting Z drives on ships now too. Guess their Masters don't know any seamanship either. Lighten up - It's an ad. ?Think the kid was his son not his grandson. (GRIN)

Well. It would seem that though you're ability to read and process information is, at this point questionable, you fit into 1000s of ocean miles school of curmudgeonry- specifically referenced in my post.

Anyway, I appreciate the assumption that I leave everyone I meet whose background didn't provide the proper experience base for their travels, or whose fitness level is questionable, helpless. In fact I typically try to get them to sign a salvage agreement and then offer assistance. (Joke, referencing towboatus thread)

Tell you what- try to tuck up that Viagra inspired boner- and spare me the righteous indignation. If you want to read the post- and respond to the points I made- feel free, if not that's fine too. If you think that that's how teaching a kid to sail is done- fine I hope you have kids and grand kids to share that particular joy with. If you do not think that "ammenities" like that result in more and more less qualified people taking sailboats places they should not- and using those "ammenities" as a crutch, to compensate for lack of proper skills- then support that argument.

sailors use the stuff they can get to, lines led aft= sailing your boat better

I have met tons of people with in boom or in mast furling. Of these probably 1/3 had a sailing background and knew how to tie in a reef. IN MY EXPERIENCE (limited as it is by age and the inordinate amount of time I've given up for others instead of frittering it away on fun like sailing). WHAT I HAVE SEEN WITH MY EYES. AND HEARD "from the horses mouth" is that typical users of that crap use it as a substitute for actual sailing "no how"

So while lines led aft leads to an individual sailing better- I contend that the other "nonsense" tends toward A) making one complacent and B) in many contexts, keeps one from ever becoming a "sailor"

I'm standing by with a litany of real life anecdotes to support my assertations.
None of which cast aspersions on your character. Now listen- I'm a real easygoing guy. After 39 months in Iraq and Afg I have a pretty good perspective on what's important and what's not. When you address someone directly- without any knowledge of who or what they are- its wise not too get on too high a horse. Usually it's really safe- and gives one an insulated feeling of superiority to call someone's character into question online.

But sometimes....

They are sitting in the same marina, using the same wifi- and look over at there spouse to tell o how they let some jerk really have it on sailnet. Only to turn around and find the scariest person in the world standing by for an explanation...

Old timer- I've said nothing here that I wouldn't or couldn't support in a fAce to face conversation. I have serious doubts that you have the gall to address me face to face in such fashion however. Whether it be from a real human desire to avoid confrontation or from having been raised right.

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