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Re: Mostly singlehanded...what lines should I run aft?

I couldn't possibly have preconceived these notions. I was completely ignorant to the fact that people who had never sailed before retired, took some ASA classes, and went cruising like it was no big deal.

My preconceived notion was that most of the "mature" people who retired an took off cruising had a somewhat nautical background, and had spent years sailing, honing a passion for it to the point that they were willing to toss off the amenities of land life in order to spend there golden years dealing with all the inconveniences of cruising. That's a preconceived notion.

I have no statistics which would illuminate the percentage of reasonably seasoned sailors with a fairly broad base o sailing knowledge and experience- vs those that are of the other school, I'm sure the skilled far outnumber the other- but who is it that you encounter most alon the way? The squeaky wheel gets the grease. The competent folks aren't out making an impression because they are handling there business.

So, my new notion- radically different from my former and preconceived notion, is that the typical user of these amenities ie joystick docking, in boom/ in mast furling, electric winches (other than main halyard, which just seems to be the norm now), bow thrusters, etc is typically using them as a crutch to shore up a facet of seamanship in which said user is deficient.

I also specifically stated that there are in fact plenty of those with 1000s of sea miles. You know- the ones that fit my "preconceived notion"

Need I really go into a dissertation on the issues with younger sailors? It's not relevant to the issue I raised which was with a couple things- 1) sailboat commercials should feature boats with sails on them. 2) what a pathetic attempt at inspiring feelings of warmth at the idea of getting children involved in sailing- here Johnny its not quite as modern As your Xbox- it's more like playing the video games at the pizza place, the ones that still have a joystick
And 3) the target audience (which is what makes all this age related)

If you want a peak at the issues with young sailors watch hold fast.

In a perfect world my boat would have
A) clean decks
2: lines led aft including at a minimum main halyard, reefing, Cunningham. I might settle for just the Cunningham aft. I have a loose foot main so my out haul an cunnigham are pretty meaningful means of trimming the main.
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