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Re: Someone's giving me an Islander 24'

That's the right attitude. Go for it. It will all buff right out.
No need to worry about the mold or the leaky chain plates or god for bid the hole in the deck. Splash some bottom paint on and drop her in.
How much time you putting in again? I think I remember hearing a "Good 2-3 days" prior to departing? And How far do you have to go? 250Miles or so?
One of my biggest concerns would be where are we going to sleep?
Off watch for me is very important and I don't think I would get much rest on a moldy board in a sleeping bag.
Hey, chances are you will be just fine, maybe not comfortable but you should survive.

One thing I remind myself of every time I am out there... I am the ONLY one responsible for my ship and every soul on board. Me and only me. There is not anybody that can come help if I get myself in a tight spot. "I" have to be responsible for getting my own ass and all those on board home safe.
You mentioned about getting Tow Boat Towing Insurance. This is probably a good idea, BUT DON'T think of it as a get out of Jail Free Card. YOU are responsible for your own safety and the safety of everybody on board that leaky boat.
When things go South, you have to be able to get North. NOBODY is going to come help you. You need to be able to react.

Do you have all the necessary safety devices; PFD's Throwable, MOB Recovery techniques, Flares, Fire extinguishers, First Aid Kits, Etc, Etc,

Just because you are taking a motor boat ride down the ditch does not mean stuff can't happen. It can and it will. You need to be prepared for any scenario.

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