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Drying the exposed laminate can be helped dramatically by careful "washing" the spots/scratches/gouges with acetone. Acetone is very volatile and evaporates quickly. It is also very flammable so no smoking!. It is a great solvent because it will dissolve both oil and water the way alcohol does only better. If you have exposed laminate you suspect contains moisture, saturating it with acetone and letting the acetone dry (you can warm the surface with an electric heat gun or lamp if you are careful) will dissolve water and take it with it when it evaporates. It helps a lot. It is such a good solvent for fats and oils it will remove them from your skin, too if you let it wet your hands for prolonged periods. It also has the insidious ability to take molecules, that would other wise be too big, through semipermeable membranes (like skin). I use it a lot and have for decades. Chemists use it as a rinse for lab ware that needs to be dry and "chemically clean" (a high standard).

Put on some eye protection and some nitrile gloves, wet a clean rag with it and "sponge" the spots with the rag. Keep the rag wet with acetone. Get your target laminate saturated with it. You can tape a rag to a bad spot and keep it wet. It will "draw" the moisture out. It will also dissolve other stuff. Some plastics will dissolve in it. Your watch "crystal". Just keep it off anything you don't plan to remove. Some paints will soften, too.

I have a couple of gallons in my shop beside the alcohol, the xylene and the white kerosene. They are all dangerous chemicals but no more dangerous than gasoline so treat it with the same respect.

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