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Re: Harness and Tether Recommendations?

Originally Posted by joebeach View Post
Jon E -
When you clip on to one of your 4 fixed tethers, do you do so with a "screamer" to decelerate momentum at the end of the tether, as discussed earlier in this thread, or not? In either case, why?
No, I don't... No particular reason why, just haven't given it that much thought, I suppose (grin)... That probably comes largely from the fact that I have never, ever, come remotely close to being snatched up short on a tether...

pdqaltair and others are certainly the ones to pay attention to, regarding your question, they make a very strong case for the importance of shock limiting devices, and have got me thinking... I might be inclined to configure an attachment point at my mast that employs a mooring snubber that could be put to other uses in a pinch, as well... In addition, they would be re-usable...

The key to my setup for working at the mast is the sliding Schaefer T-track cleat affixed to my spinnaker pole track...

Usually positioned at chest height, my tether gets immediately shortened to 18-24 inches or so as soon as I arrive at the mast, allowing me good bracing, and both hands free for reefing, or whatever... This is the big drawback of conventional jacklines running on deck, they're not positioned to afford any real security at the mast, and a fall would permit one to achieve tremendous momentum by the time they came into play... Once I'm tethered at the mast, the most I can possibly fall is a matter of inches...

I think you still have to think in terms of being snatched up by a tether as a major failure on one's part equivalent to falling overboard... You can simply not allow it to happen...
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