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Re: Mostly singlehanded...what lines should I run aft?

Originally Posted by TakeFive View Post
Like outbound, I would be interested in knowing how to reset the Auto mode after the remote goes dead. I assume that once the S100 is dead and it goes back into standby, that you just have to walk to the wheel, re-establish the correct heading, then press "auto" on the main control panel. Please confirm if something else needs to be done, like pulling the dead batteries out of the unit.
Yes, there's no trick to re-setting the pilot after it's turned off, you just need to be aware of the issue, is all... Either remove the batteries, and reset the pilot, or put it back in STANDBY and hand steer for a couple of minutes until the remote shuts itself off, then resume by hitting AUTO...

But I think it's quite common to be using the remote early in a trip or the beginning of a day, and then after clearing a harbor or inlet, and simply forgetting about it after establishing a course that's not gonna be altered for awhile... That's when it could be quite likely that the batteries might run down...

I've mentioned this issue to Raymarine reps at the boat shows over the years, but I'm not sure it ever gets passed on... It would be interesting to see whether a correction or addendum has ever been made to the owner's manual that accompanies the units currently being sold, perhaps you or Outbound can check if you see any mention of it in your manuals...

And, I should also mention, my S100 is several years old now, I bought mine not too long after they first came out... Perhaps Raymarine has resolved this issue, and it's no longer a problem with newer units like yours... You could probably run a test by pulling the batteries, and see if the pilot reverts to STANDBY... My control head is the 6002, a fairly recent model, so I doubt it's an issue the the control head, as opposed to the remote...

And of course, perhaps mine is simply unique, I've never used another on a different boat...
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