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Re: Average number of months for a sailboat to sell

ctl, you and I both know you can't compare a Kaufman46 to a Pearson anything in terms of market and sales.

The Pearsons, all of them, are well-known, popular, in demand all over the country. The Kaufman? What, some oddball name semi-custom racer that no one has ever heard of? Old racers aren't competitive with new ones, so yeah, there's no resale market for them to racers. And usually they don't convert well to cruising. That Kaufman is also going to be a problem to transport, as it is wide enough to require wide-load permits if it goes by truck. With two mini-cockpits, you can't entertain and the six or eight foot wide steering wheel isn't going to make that any easier. The six feet wasted in the radical reverse transom also means the boat is really a 40'er with two tiny cockpits, there goes there cruising market entirely. And unless she has a wall full of trophies and a racing record to go with them? Right, no resale value in an old oddball racer at all. At the right price, in the right condition, she'd be a pretty toy for someone but that's still got ODDBALL written all over it.

The Kaufman? An oddball that has to be pushed. The Pearson? There are people out there every day looking for them. Big difference.

Which is not to say the Kaufman isn't a pretty boat, just that it is NOT a commodity-grade one, in any usual way.

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