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Re: I-28 Vinyl Headliner Replacement

I have "ignored" the poor condition of the vinyl liners in my 1977 I-28. There are two useless zippers. Perhaps 3. The staples are all rusted. It is not fresh and clean..... I have pulled it down in the quarter birth and in the space between the stbd chain plate and the "chart table" Ha! Next it will probably need to be removed for access in the V birth. It is time to do something.

Access to fasteners is important. I want to install a winch and have concerns about the integrity of the joint between the sliding hatch's enclosure and the deck. I will be replacing the glazing too.

I do have quite a lot of experience with fg, wood and paint.

I don't have lots of money to spend but when I tackle a job like this, the finished product is the goal and the amount of time I know it will take is part of the real cost. The percentage of the total cost (my labor included) that the materials will cost out of pocket is how I try to plan my budget. If it is worth my time and I want it done right I will spend some money on the right materials.

I have a supply of lumber that is valuable but I don't want to leave it behind and I like working with nice wood. No cost!
I have all the tools. No cost!
I have plenty of 2 part epoxy paint and the fg materials to repair a leaking hatch enclosure. No cost!
I have the time and enjoy working on the boat. No cost!

I am building up to rationalizing spending some money for a sprayable 2-part marine foam kit. I have used them and they are a great way to insulate a hull.

I am considering finishing the ceiling with longitudinal strips of mahogany, painted white, spaced 1/4" apart, fastened to wood "stringers" running athwart ship.

The same ceilings in the V birth and the 1/4 birth, both the overhead and the sides.

Strip the interior, repair the hatch enclosure, epoxy stringers in place (West), mask them, block out fastener spaces somehow or plan to dig them out to make them accessible, and foam, cut the foam level with stringers and paint it, fasten pre painted mahogany strips to stringers.

2" wide strips? 1" thick stringers?

What do you think?

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