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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Hi Paulo,

You seem to have some animus about the age of Dr. Paris? It seems solo sailing circumnavigation for records is risky enough, so I suppose age is one additional risk factor. You wrote:

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Maybe you have understand me wrongly. When someone wants to achieve something it is important to understand what is the achievement. If what he pretends is to establish some sort of geriatric record regarding circumnavigating solo he could have done it at a third of the price (or less) on the several boats available on the market, specially as you point out, he is has no sponsorship.
I can see your point in the abstract, yet I think there are evident answers to your question in the actual boat, as designed. What was designed is, rather obviously what he wanted, don't you think? From this evidence we can use inductive logic to at least partially hypothesize the reasons and rationales for the desired design brief. And in fact on some counts (like this is a cruising boat and "dual purpose") it seems life neither begins nor ends for this boat or skipper with this particular campaign.

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Regarding comfort, speed doesn't go with comfort and his boat is a very fast one, a very radical performance cruiser. He would be a lot more comfortable in a slower and less extreme boat. If what he wants is a performance record that goes with his geriatric record than an adapted solo race boat would be the way to go.
Of course, it may be that he wishes to be as comfortable as possible. This begs the question, how much more "comfort" does this Paris 65 afford, compared with a more pure race boat, as you suggest, for a record? Do you have an opinion on this?

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
If what he wants is a performance record that goes with his geriatric record than an adapted solo race boat would be the way to go. If sailed conservatively and with a smaller rig it would not be harder to sail that this one, quite the contrary, since the sail area would be a lot smaller and the stability bigger. One that goes for a 4 months speed record has not has his main priority comfort. that is just what I meant.
Looking at this design, one question I have -- not knowing so much about many new technologies (materials, construction, hydrodynamics, etc.), is to what extent is this boat presenting something new? Can it be compared to other existing models (such as the many you present in this thread)? And, let's examine if there is a new feature -- like that you can remove the interior? It seems a bit out of the box.

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Regarding age the most famous sailor is Sato, a Japanese one and I don't think that he does that for fame or for breaking geriatric records since he has circumnavigated already 8 times. He does that because he likes to do that and has done that repeatedly, racing and cruising.
Yes, and he is really a hero in my adopted country. Well, many sailors seem rather eccentric, and I include myself in this determination. I think to myself, if I had the juice, financially, physically, and with experience -- wouldn't it be interesting to not just "go gentle into that good night"? Personally, I cut a lot of slack for vision. And the good Doctor will be teaching students along the way.

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Even so on [Sato's] last circumnavigation against the prevailing winds at the age of 77 he experienced an emergency hernia operation, back pain and a knee operation. Heart tablets had also to be delivered.
Sato is such an unusual case. I mean stuff [insert stronger vocab. here] happens when you spend literally decades at sea . . .

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Paris is an experienced sailor (three North Atlantic crossings, three from Alaska to New Zealand and one circumnavigation) but contrary to Sato he is not an experienced solo sailor.
Maybe the boat design is related to meshing with Paris' capabilities. As you point out, above, he has massive experience and may really know (have a good idea) what will work, for him? And there is the team effort -- and some designer named Farr, hmm...

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
I hope everything goes well for him but has I have said I do not support geriatric records or infantile ones. In the first case its seems to me that the risks related with health hazard are dis-proportionally high and that makes just no sense.
I am pretty neutral on the geriatric side. Because mid-70s these days does not always mean geriatric, in the sense you seem to imply (like: foolhardy).

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
By the way, by his own words he is trying to beat 4 records:

1 - Oldest to have circumnavigated non-stop (by some 18 years)

2 - Fastest in a cruising boat – the record is 150 days and I am shooting for 120-days, from Bermuda back to Bermuda aiming for Dodge Morgan’s record from 1986.

3 - New record to be established from St. Augustine, Florida and back again via Bermuda (no-stopping there)

4 - First ever green using no hydrocarbons, no gas, no diesel. Not even propane or butane.
Right--so #2 has something to do with the design choice, also that after completion, the boat wants to re-convert back into an awesome world cruiser? Not a bad, if you can have it.

Do you think there are innovations on the green side, here? I mean not just new technologies, but a kind of systems integration?
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