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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Thanks Hannah,

I am by birth a New Englander too (emoticon of 'pride' here). we must be careful not to go OT on this thread but I'd like to thank you for mentioning
-- a little history doesn't hurt. (The film is linked on the wiki page.)

This is a thread about interesting production sailboats, though in 400+ pages it's traversed some interesting fringes. When I contemplate the Paris 65, I wonder if it can be seen as a (potential) proof of concept for the older sailor, and a green sailor. What I mean is:

Easily sailed solo
Offshore capable
Does not require 20-30-something physical strength to operate
Performance cruising in modern speed terms
Relatively affordable (as stated)
Green is rather attractive, don't you think?
Works for the older capable sailor

I would like to add a comment: I live in Kyushu, and crew on various boats. The skipper/owners are mostly in their 70s. They love sailing and are very experienced. The economy crashed here in 1997, so boats are at least 18 years old. There are almost no young people who are into sailing/racing where I am. On a personal note, I'm in my 50s and I hope to sail my boat in my 70s too. In this thread we don't discuss generally the older sailor in relation to new production boats -- I mean sailors who may like to day race and/or go offshore. And it's hard for me to tell which boats in this thread would be pragmatic, in this sense -- just saying.

Well, many people are pretty spry here into their 80s, and the skipper of the J/120 I crewed on this past weekend is a gem, in his 70s. We are talking soul and culture, and expertise. I learn so much from him. And older folks want good boats too I guess.

Anyway, yachting is collapsing here, and this is the sad truth. Sorry for my hijack of this thread... but to return on-topic, now the point has been raised, I wonder what new boats I'd recommend to my 70s skipper of a J/120, so he can sail as he likes into his 80s. Seriously. And I mean, are there some good examples already presented in this thread? Which would you (Paulo, anyone) suggest, if you don't object to the question?

Originally Posted by hannah2 View Post
Though I do not support geriatric egos and the men and women my age (61) or older breaking records. But I do hope that Mr Paris breaks Dodge Morgans record. Dodge Morgan was a true New Englander and a fine sailor for his time. I enjoyed the film made of his record sail back in the 80's, that I believe was one of the first attempts at modern day sailing with electronic instrumentation. Mr Paris looks like a fine man I wish him well and good health.

And I like the non advertising on Paris's boat also, you would think he was a Yankee New Englander too.

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