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Re: Harness and Tether Recommendations?

Originally Posted by MedSailor View Post
Remember, a screamer will NOT even begin to activate until the impact force exceeds 500lbs. Once the load goes below 500lbs it stops ripping (i.e. it can only partially extend/rip)

Now imagine this. Your harness has 2" webbing right? That means you would bear the impact over a 2" section of your ribcage and or spine. Would you sign up for having your ribs/spine whacked with the narrow side of a 2x4 to the tune of >500lbs??? That'd be about the same as standing there while Babe Ruth took his best swing at your ribcage!

If you loose your balance and get snatched up against the tether with the screamer, it's no big deal. If you fall far enough across the boat to activate the screamer, you're REALLY going to want it to activate to avoid major bone and organ damage.

Again, I appreciate the input here from those far more familiar with climbing gear than myself... I'll definitely be using a screamer as a backup when going up the mast, for example, where an actual fall is a definite possibility...

However, the concern about being snatched up with great force while moving about the deck is simply not that great a concern, to me personally... The way I look at it, if I am ever so dumb as to be caught out so completely unaware as that guy in the video I posted earlier, I DESERVE to get a few cracked ribs out of the deal, along with a sharp reminder that perhaps it's time I think about retiring to a more sedate pursuit than sailing... (grin)
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