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Re: Interesting Sailboats

I much appreciate reading your posts and all the information on your journey with Boreal -- one of the most amazing boats to be seen on this forum and thread, imho.

You wrote:
Originally Posted by hannah2 View Post
But I know damn well I can not handle certain situations like I could at 40, handle them yes but not as well. Now when I cross oceans and understand my age and its pluses and it minuses I can prepare so much better than if I foolishly thought I still 40. . . . That is why I worry about some geriatric egos, they don't know when to quit.
True for me too. One sailor I crewed for, in his 60s, bought a 42' Jeanneau cruiser a few years ago, and that boat is just too big for him -- watching him manhandle the halyards, etc. His dream has been to solo circumnavigate Japan, for a start -- the boat has 3 staterooms . . . maybe a 30-something vision in a 60-something body? Well, he will manage, just doesn't seem all that happy, to be frank. Experiencing things like this, I think long about how small a boat I would choose (finances aside!) for a Pacific Rim circumnavigation (starting on the North American West coast and ending eventually in Japan (not quite a circumnavigation then) Part of seaworthiness to my mind would be roll acceleration, motion comfort and staying dry wouldn't hurt. I am not sure which of these modern designs would meet all the specifics -- I am definitely not a "Moody" man -- not sure, because the music put me to sleep.

Originally Posted by hannah2 View Post
I know there is going to be for a long while many on this side of the pond especially who will always believe that new design is bad and the old ways good. In some cases they are right but many times they are not. I'm just glad that in countries like NZ, Aussyland, S. Africa and Europe there are people who want to try and improve on the old and many time do just that. And thank you Paulo once again for giving a heads up to many new designs from around the world.
Ditto. Really appreciate your comments and all that Paulo posts here. Definitely an inspiration.
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