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Re: Sailboat perishes off Hatteras, USCG rescues crew

Originally Posted by CalebD View Post
Is it possible that the owner offered a fixed amount for delivering the boat to FL?
Say an amount like $3 - $5K. Is this kind of arrangement ever used for deliveries or is it almost always a per diem?

Sheer speculation but if it were a lump sum our intrepid yah... delivery captains decide to maximize their earnings per day by trying to do it as fast as possible by going outside straight down the coast instead of winding through the ICW.

With a water draft of 3'8" (< 4') I can't quite fathom what would induce them to have gone outside instead of using the ditch. There must have been some sort of motivation, however misguided.
An attempt to maximize their per diem earnings on a flat rate delivery might been their possible rationale for going around Hatteras - IF, in fact, one would save a considerable amount of time and distance by doing so...

However, it is quite the opposite... From Mile 0, the inside distance on the ICW to Morehead (where they would need to re-fuel that Island Packet trawler) is 204 statute miles... The distance out around Hatteras, Cape Lookout shoals, and back into Morehead is 70 statute miles longer... The discrepancy from Hampton Roads/Thimble Shoals would be slightly less, but the fact that the outside distance is so much longer for a boat planning a stop in Morehead or Beaufort is what makes their choice particularly difficult to fathom, to me...

Sure, running the gauntlet of bridges on the first 20 miles of the Ditch can involve considerable delays, the primary reason why I often choose to do so at night, when they all open on demand... That's the only rationale I can come up with, these guys were afraid of running the ICW at night, and thought they'd reach Morehead sooner by running non-stop outside...

Again, difficult to fathom, considering the fact that once one makes it thru the industrialized section of the Elizabeth River to Great Bridge at Mile 12, the next 190 SM to Morehead is by far the easiest section of the entire Waterway to run after dark, in my opinion...

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