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Re: Vectran sleeve for anchor rode?

Originally Posted by capta View Post
I'm not sure if this is a put-on or not, but I do not believe I have ever known anyone who uses only line to anchor a 40 odd foot boat, in over 50 years as a mariner.
Oh, a "mariner"

Capta, don't think length, think weight. It's not a big boat. And we obviously sail in different waters.

You seem to have no understanding of the principles of anchoring and I would suggest you read some of the threads on anchoring and readjust your thinking, before you lose your boat.
I am well aware of the principles of anchoring. However, I'm not circumnavigating, and I will be doing this by hand. Since you think I'm bluffing, and since you think that the "50 years as a mariner" somehow mmakes your right per definition, perhaps you should reread my post again. Particularly about the cutting resistance which is the whole point, and the weight of the boat I mention.

I also mentioned the width and height of the boat, because it is really narrow so it will cut through the waves at anchor, and the height of the thing, because windage, or lack of same, matters.

Unless I'm mistaken, Vectran, Spectra, Dyneema and so on, wasn't around for most of those 50 years as mariner. If you think about it, I'm asking for something easier for the hands than chain, weighted like chain, and with a cut resistance, if not equal to, then closer to chain than polyester or nylon.

Way to think out of the box. I'm done with wire in boats as well. I prefer more modern solutions (Dyneema, Spectra etc.).

If it is a put-on, then you got me; good on you.
No, it's bloody well not a put on! It's an effort to think out of the box to gain most of the benefits of chain but without the drawbacks of chain, by keeping some of the good things about rope. Getting a weighted rode (as in inlaid lead), with a cut resistant outer is something that in theory ought to possible with something more modern than nylon or polyester. Or hemp, like in the "good old days" of 1963.

Edit: If you're wondering about the anchor, it's a Manson Supreme, and the backup is a Fortress type thing, so the weights should be plenty for my use.

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