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Re: Mostly singlehanded...what lines should I run aft?

Originally Posted by SVAuspicious View Post
I don't think it's a pet peeve. I have way to many issues about which I think "aren't you LISTENING?" to call this one thing a pet peeve.

In fairness, if you just do daysails and weekends and stay at the dock if the weather kicks up my concerns may not be relevant.

I would point out that both Jon Eisberg and I have noted the relationship between lines led aft and water in the cockpit. It really is a problem. Even a cup of water in your lap at the beginning of a four hour watch is a problem. If you're singlehanding wet nether regions in the morning may mean having to deal with a change of clothes with no one to take the wheel. Not terrible with an autopilot offshore but a real time waste to anchor if you're on the ICW or other restricted waterway. Add some cold to that equation and think about the results.

You've got at least two professionals saying the friction is not negligible.
Yes, clearly we are speaking from different perspectives. The only open ocean sailing I have done is on race boats where there are no dodgers, and the cockpits get wet.(mind you we aren't in the habit of burying rails and punching through waves!) If fact 90% of all the sailing I have done has been on boats without dodgers at all, so I have to chuckle when people wring their hands over getting a bit of water in the cockpit! Whatever do you do when it rains? If you are worried about getting splashed when a wave washes the length of your deck, and hits your dodger with enough force for significant water to come through and splash you and make you uncomfortable for an entire watch, I would suggest that you are not dressed appropriately for the conditions!

As for professionals saying the friction is not negligible, I think the fact that the vast majority of boats built today are rigged with lines aft, including race boats where being able to hoist and drop sails quickly and smoothly and make adjustments quickly and smoothly is paramount puts that opinion into question! The convenience and versatility of aft lines easily outweighs any increased friction in almost every case. Perhaps some professionals are just a little bit set in their old ways?

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