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Re: Mostly singlehanded...what lines should I run aft?

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
I'm real curious about holes in dodger leading to significant water in cockpit. Built boat with hard dodger. Have 4 lines going through coaming and back to line stoppers then winches on either side of companion way. In past have just set tails of lines under dodger to get them out of the way. House top is beveled. Figured any water coming in would be minimal and run along leeward inside of dodger. Will have limber holes if necessary but now have gutter in forward cockpit seat so water would go to scupper. ?Is this really an issue especially as I tend to wear my foulie bottoms most always to keep my clothes underneath dry and salt free when doing passages? If a real issue may just stick a sponge in the holes which would pop out if lines were adjusted. Also tend to leave lowest board in most times as agree inside of boat should always be dry.
I wouldn't describe the issue as being one of a "significant" amount of water being admitted to the cockpit... I first mentioned the problem in another thread on leading lines aft, and would classify this as more of an 'annoyance' than anything, one of several downsides that I see to lines led aft and passed through the leading faces of dodgers... Agreed, this is not likely to be much of a problem on your boat, and I generally see it to be much more of an issue on boats with conventional soft dodgers, and much more loosely configured cut-outs for the lines...

Again, on boats primarily being day sailed or cruised shorter distances, this may not necessarily be that big a deal... But during longer stints offshore or underway, there are few greater annoyances than even minor or modest topside leaks, they can really provoke misery, and diminish the crew's morale... The space under the dodger affords the only dry or protected spot in the cockpits of most boats, and any effort to keep it truly dry will be rewarded... That spot either side of the companionway becomes a catch-all for stuff like gloves, or your copy of Eldridge, so even a modest amount of water seeping in can make you wish it was more watertight...

It's hard to understate how even the most innocuous ingress of water can ruin your day... I delivered this Trintella 50 for years, which featured this watertight doghouse that was much appreciated in dirty weather... But, stuff the bow on that boat into a big head sea, it's not difficult to picture how easily green water can be swept back on deck to that doghouse...

I was taking VALOUR one time from Jersey City up to Newport for the Bermuda Race, and the last half of the trip featured some hellacious weather, and a torrential downpour that lasted the better part of a day... After arriving at NEB, we noticed that the beautiful (and rather expensive) fine art print of a John Stobart painting that was mounted on the main bulkhead had become water-stained...

Spent most of the following day trying to find the source of the leak, after removing the entire overhead, etc... Turned out it was barely traceable, the most minor leak imaginable, at the base of one of windshield wipers on the doghouse, and migrated forward and down the bulkhead...
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