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Re: shoal draft keel vs regular keel

Originally Posted by JonEisberg View Post
Did you own her about 10 years ago? If so, I saw you one evening in Mystic, I was puttering around the harbor in my inflatable with my girlfriend, we exchanged a few words with you about the boat... She's a beauty, alright...

I've always loved Craig Walters' designs, one of my all-time dreamboats is your larger sister, the Seguin 40 built by Lyman-Morse... I was sort of semi-seriously considering buying this one 10 years ago, the price was actually lower than it is now...

It's a pity Holby didn't get to build many more of the Clearwaters, they really were a boat ahead of their time, seems there would be a real market for them today... Hard to think of a more ideal boat for the Bahamas (not to mention the entire Eastern seaboard, of course), it would be incredible some of the things you could do over there with your draft...

I've owned SeaScape since 1996 and she's always stayed at my dock about 400 ft south of Mystic Seaport. I do recall a number of inquiries by water, but don't recall all of the specifics. We also get a lot of interest from folks walking by on land. We live in a busy, touristy place!

Holby probably had some bad luck when the 10% luxury tax was imposed on boats over $100K in 1990. My boat (hull #7) was built in 1990 and is the last of the Clearwater 35s. This "soak the rich" policy backfired as a number of boat builders went out of business. Holby Marine hung on for quite a while, but finally succumbed about 2 years ago.

One of the realities of the Clearwater/Seguin design was that the keel and rudder, with their mechanics and housings, added perhaps 30% to the cost of the boat--compared to a conventional approach. The added 10% tax (in addition to sales tax, of course) may have been the kiss of death. Keep in mind that these were semi-custom boats in the first place, so they were at least twice as expensive as a comparably-sized production boat.
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