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Re: Sailboat perishes off Hatteras, USCG rescues crew

Originally Posted by SimonV View Post
WHAT A LOAD OF BS....Someone makes an error in judgement, gets in trouble and call's on the rescue authorities (in this case Coast Guard). I am almost amazed at the predictability of their cry's of foul from the obviously well informed and well traveled, seasoned sailors on this and every other similar forum.
Perhaps, that is why we are not the ones out there calling for help?

Originally Posted by SimonV View Post
This in turn morphs into cost of the rescue and who should pay(No one should pay its humanity), followed by how this will effect ME in the pocket with increased insurance(bad luck if you want insurance pay you dues), and an atrocious drain on the public purse to fund these rescues of our fellow man( the cost of rescues has already been budgeted for in the yearly running cost). May I say If it is such an affront that our fellow man will at some time come unstuck and need help of some description then why not disband the Coast Guard and perhaps the Navy or all armed forces with a rescue component. Lets make it Law that only those that can pay to be rescued, be rescued. we could include Ambulance and fire fighters, No money no help. How about Police lets have them only protect the important people that can Pay for their time, If you dial 911 or 999 or 000 it will be $100 for the first 15min then $100 for each hour or part there of.
It's not that black or white, or that extreme. This is quite different from police, armed forces, paramedics or firefighter work. Besides, no one said they shouldn't be rescued, only that they should reimburse the costs when they call for help out of convenience rather than necessity.

Originally Posted by SimonV View Post
Most of us are humanitarian and have ethics and will do what we can for our fellow man. People make mistakes and things do not always go as planed. Those guys would not have agreed with each other to go out and get rescued, loose the beautiful boat and be ridiculed by these adventurous folk bashing away on their keyboards. We have rescue services because we need them, the civilized world would be a sad place without these brave and caring souls who put their lives on the line for everyone, no questions asked.
Most of us recognize the difference between an amateur and a professional. Professionals are held to a higher standard and are legally liable for the damages caused by their failure to live up to that higher standard. You are exaggerating for effect, but it is backfiring. No one is calling for the abolishment of rescue services. Some believe the users should accept some responsibility for the costs in situations like this. They weren't planning to share their fees with us, were they? Why should we as taxpayers bear the costs of their poor judgment and mistakes, particularly when any experienced boater recognizes their foolishness?

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