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Re: Apparently I'm not meant to have a boat...

The shaft misalignment didn't tear up the hull or present itself until the damping plate let go which was the final nail for the motor mounts as well. You're surveyor should have been able to say "these motor mounts are shot, and are prone to failure if stressed" so do get after him such as you can.

Last December in Nassau a guy let his former backstay (now a dink painter, made of Dyneema) wrap his prop up. It broke both cast motor mount brackets on the motor as well as his motor mounts and one fiberglass stringer that the mounts bolt through. This sat his motor down low enough where the shaft are up the shaft log etc and almost sank the boat. His barking dog below was his salvation- as it had him realize his floorboards were floating.

We were able to get the brackets rewelded- while we reglassed the stringer and made big backing plates for inside it on both sides. New mounts were ordered from the states. The shaft log was repaired with epoxy stick from the inside. The boat worked fine after.

Point is- frequently mechanical failures will have a dominoe effect- rather than a simple "weakest link revealing itself" effect. I wouldn't ever consider chain sawing a boat over this. Don't hate the surveyor because he didn't forsee the magnitude of the impending failure. He should have been able to warn against some aspects of it however. And yeah- should come off some money for you. A mechanical survey isn't neccssarrilly part of your marine survey however. As was alluded to a few posts back.

The other point is
All of this work can be done on the hook. Give chuckles back his slip- and make him drive you around to the parts dealers and hand you tools. Fix boat and go home. I've never had anything other than atomic 4s in a boat of my own- so believe me - I know exactly how demoralizing wrenching on an engine for days at a time- IN A SAILBOAT DAMNIT- can be. I will not tell you that it brings satisfaction when it's done the way installing a slick new traveler or self tailing winches etc is satisfying. I find I feel better about myself an my boat after replacing a flag halyard than I do after pulling an atomic four with my halyard and replacing the rings and bearings in it on the sole if my cabin. It sucks- but when it's over- you'll always remember to **** that motor down as soon as humanly possible- because you never know what's gonna go next... So you'll sail your ass off compared to people who think "motors in sailboats is fun!- it's easie than wind!"

If you want to chainsaw it- ill give you 500 usd toward an outboard and bracket to bring her to sav ga and do it here. I want a few parts, and I've never chainsawed a boat. I also think shooting one with a 12 gauge would be fun.

I think it's a bit premature however to kill her.

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