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You really are funny!!
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Re: Apparently I'm not meant to have a boat...

Originally Posted by Capt.aaron View Post
Is a Plath 7 b one of those winches made out of solid gold and runs on the blood of flightless dragons?
Ah, I see you've heard of it..

The Capehorn, yes, the most impressive thing I've ever bought, well second to my wifes wait, I sold my boat once and bought it back, so after my wifes ring and the boat, the Capehorn self sterring device is the third most impressive thing I've bought......and my 1978 jeep J10m, midnight blue
(in a full moon) pick up truck with the original AM-CB radio and Levis seat covers. those, in order are the things I've most impressed my self with.
Nice. I almost went with the Cape Horn but decided against it in the end due to it sucking up the lazzerette space with it's mechanics (I know Yves makes a model with the guts outboard, but then what's the point? Might as well get a Norvane at 2/3 the price, which is what I did). I do love that thing though, such a pretty work of art. We've talked to Yves a couple of times/years at the Boat show, it's always fun discussing A-30 stuff with the legend (Never mentioned the Norvane though, for the obvious heresy). He signed my copy of his movie..

So... what's you CB handle btw? That's so FL...

That Capehorn better thread my boat through a needle in either 30 knots or 3 of wind, up and or down it. I'm impressed with Yves, ( he actully answered the phone when I called to order) his voyage and his company service. The unit arrives the day I get off the tug next week. I have 2 weeks to install and shake down the boat and then back to sea. Worth every penny thus far.
Well, it's supposed to preform as good as it looks, so..

I'm sure it will live up to it's reputation.

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