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Re: Anchoring with changing tides and wind

Originally Posted by SimonV View Post
This mucking about in boats is very taxing, no wonder my brain hurts. Silly me I thought it was easy and straight forward.
So does this mean you have a brain with more than one electron?!?!?!?! That is all I have, thinking........OUCH!!!.....dang nabbit,need to not do thinking.......OUCHIE!!!!.......oh my poor aching head.......that pulls that poor electron too much.......need to quit doing that thinking........OUCH!............grrrrrrrrr....... ...

Anyway, if you can find a May? might have been april issue of Pacific Yachting, pulled it out of the mailbox the other day.....there was an interesting viewpoint on types of rode. It started with something to the effect, boater do not talk about Religion, income and anchors! Since Rode was not mentioned, the author would talk about types and styles.

It was pointed out, that if in shallower waters, ie under about 50', a boat length or two of chain with a rope rode might very well be the better option than all chain! Over 50', all chain could be better/make more sense. None the less, it had many things to toy with when it comes to choosing what type of ground tackle to use etc. The big thing seems to be, can you keep the angle from the ground to rode, be it chain or rope, as low as possible. So if using a 4-1 all chain in 20' of water was the example, when the wind piped up to 35 knots, the all chain vs a chain/rope setup with 7-1 would start to drag, as this angle tween the chain the ground would be too great for the anchor. Where as the 7-1 setup would not drag. In deeper waters, the chain would create enough drag holding the bow down etc, that it would not potentially drag with 4-1 vs the 7-1 chain/rope setup.

As pointed out also, an all chain rode could be too heavy for some setups. Also go with G7 vs G4 or g3 where possible, as you could go a size smaller, be lighter etc too. One couldlose over 300-400 lbs going with a chain/rope rode vs an all chain. ALong with hoisting the anchor setup in many cases, vs "HAVING" to use a windlass.

Not saying which is right or wrong, both options work, both have plus and minus's about them. Not sure an all chain on the OPs Ranger 23 would be a smart option. But a chain in the 20-30' range, reasonably big anchor and some 3 strand in the 200-300' range, would work well around the salish sea quite well.


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