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Re: Favorite penetrating oil that DOESN'T STINK!

I too use a lot of PB. I like the long range of the stream, its accuracy and the way the foam sticks onto the object. Most any of these will work given time and the right technique.
I like to start when I can a week in advance. If possible to reach and in do so take a dremel wire wheel, I love those little 1" wire wheels especially for cleaning electrical posts / terminals . They work good on small nuts too but a 4" grinder with wire wheel does better if there is room. Knock the loose stuff off and get the rust swollen bolt head back to size then give it a shot. Give it a shot every day or so whatever along the way and also some sharp raps with a hammer or punch if you can reach it. Keep the penetrant on there doing this. When the day arrives put a good quality socket, and I still much prefer 6 points, and breaker bar and rap it a few times. It should give and often a good wrench will work better as the breaker bar and its connection tend to suck up some of your raps. It should move, if it doesn't try tightening it a tad. If it tightens a tad you're home free. Some more juice and back and forth wiggling will free it, just don't get too mean with it right off.
Another trick I use if I can is to leave the offending nut / bolt head sitting in a puddle. of oil. Try mastic or even tape, anything to keep the oil sitting there in quantity if you can. Mastic comes in rolls of small ribbons ( they used to use it to seal between car door panels, fenders ect so auto body supply stores have it) and a roll will last a lifetime. Surrounding the nut in a puddle of oil really helps if you can manage it. Even a dam of duct tape under a horizontal mounted bolt keeps some in place.
Whatever you do when it's out if the bolts are nasty/ pitted try if you can to replace with new. Just make sure you get properly rated ones and not hardware store bin nuts and bolts. If you have to use a torch an old timers book says you HAVE to use coffee. Cherry the offending nut up then use the secret ingredient, coffee. It has an ingredient in it that keeps you from getting carried away and banging on it when still hot. It's called TIME. By the time you go made the coffee and drank it it will have cooled enough to beat on without damaging anything.
A can of "Never SEIZE" lasts for years, use it where ever you can / should because the next guy (probably you) will thank you for it
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