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Re: Pilot (Dog) House / Deck Saloons etc - Vilm 115

Originally Posted by Sapwraia View Post
This new design Vilm 115 caught my eye - deigned by Judel/Vrolijk - never heard of the yard and don't think this has been built yet, but they have a lot of models listed (no website in english). I've always liked JV's designs and they've done a reasonable job with a dog-house on a yacht of this size - a nice design for gentle weekend cruising when you're 70+

I like the big and well protected cockpit (sun and wind) - esp if you're going to have a soft dodger up full-time; also a huge galley and heads (like the HR372) but the compromise is a saloon pushed well forward with mast post through middle of the table (not ideal and a throw back to the IOR pin-tails when tiny mains and huge genoas meant rigs were set well aft). Fwd cabin also tight; aft cabin looks large but must have quite a bit of cockpit moulding intruding into that space.

Performance looks like it will be ok from the stats and hull drawings

LOA 11.09 m
LWL 9.76m
Beam 3.54 m
Draft 1.60 m
Displ 7,200 kg
Ballast 2,550 kg
Sail area 71 mē

A bit light on ballast though @ 35% (vs XC 38 @ 43% and HR372 @ 39%) which coupled with shoal draft and dog house windage won't make this an upwind performer

They also have plans for same hull without dog-house (I see these designs being called pilot houses in Europe, but agree with U.S. terminology here - if you can't steer from it then its only shelter so a dog-house !)

Presumably a drop-down transom platform but not shown. Would be a bit nervous of a rudder that looks like it's at full keel draft ! I happily go to shallow waters but only if a spade rudder is at least a foot shorter than the keel !

Having gone to the trouble of plans from JV it's a shame its not being built by a better known yard - saw mention of EUR200k in the water. Moody would probably do ok producing the 2 versions of this yacht.


Bootsbau Ruegen has been in business since 1948, and their first Vilm was built in 1965. The 116 won Cruising World Boat of the year in 2002 in the category " best performance Cruiser over $200k". They beat out a Moody 38, Jeanneau SO 43 and Moorings (Dufour) 525. And they are still in business today building quality boats. It is propably a good thing, that Moody is not building it, I believe quality would suffer with Hanse oversight.
I agree, they succeeded building a 10 m yacht with pilot/doghouse that is still pleasant to the eyes, not an easy feat. I can only think of Sirius Yachts as another pretty example in the 10m range. Sadly, they haven't introduced a new/ larger model in a while.
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